Monday, December 23, 2013

Why I Have No Tree This Year..............

The monster kitten Hyla I'm afraid would 
attempt to climb a Christmas tree or 
play with the ornaments.

She'd definitely play under the tree skirt  
(she loves to dig into blankets, clothes, etc)
and attack the fabric Nativity set
(she tears up lots of little toys as it is).

Rather than risk any damage she may cause
to the tree, decorations, house or herself,
I opted out of putting anything up this year :(

Imagine my surprise when I  rounded the corner into the kitchen
and had two eyes glowing down at me !
I quickly scolded her as I was going for the water bottle.
She came down on her own seeing me go for the squirt bottle!

Not sure why she loves to attack paper towel rolls,
but anytime a roll has been within her sight/reach,
she tears into it. 

The rubber mats on my craft dungeon floor
are another favorite thing to destroy.
She is finally broken of that:
I stewed red paper flakes and black pepper
then brushed the water onto the mats.
I had to do this several times, but she hasn't 
torn them up for a few weeks now.

The new in January leather computer desk chair lost it's battle
with her claws. No matter how many times she was squirted 
with the water bottle or chased off, even covering the chair
with blankets or spraying it with something, she would not 
quit attacking it. 

She is the same way with the curtains -
and she KNOWS she shouldn't be climbing them.
There are little pinpricks of light that shine through them
now, here and there. They are over a dozen years old
so they could stand to be replaced at some point -
but they were still like new
as they are in the used once or twice a year dining room !

She has been the most destructive kitten I have ever had.
Why don't I have her declawed, you ask ?
Because I want her to be able to catch the critters that make their way into our old, country house !

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  1. LOL! Oh, I completely understand! Our first kitty had a thing for toilet paper rolls and we had to keep the tp in a box so she wouldn't shred it! Shadow was quite destructive as a puppy too...
    You might try vinegar on things that you don't want her messing with. It seemed to work for the dog, but not sure if cats have the same reaction.


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