Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's "Chili" Out There !

NEGATIVE  -9.4 Fahrenheit at 7:28 AM today,
too darn cold for this part of the country !!!!!

The extended forecast looks much better :)

Walking out to check for the newspaper 
(none again today, no surprise) and 
put some mail in the box ,
I noticed a squiggly line in the sky.
It was short, with an obvious beginning and end
and had the slightest of wiggle to it.
Of course I didn't have the camera on me at the time.
By the time I went back to the house to get it and
back out to the end of the driveway to see it again,
this is how wiggly the contrail(?) had gotten.
What an odd sight, perhaps caused by the extremely
cold air ? If it hadn't been so darn cold out ( -26 wind chill),
I would have stayed out longer to see how much more it changed.
Edited to Add: 
It's called a sinuous vapor trail 
according to an image found at Wikipedia. 

Now on to the "chili" part of my post title: 

 Ta-da!!!! My latest project, a sewing project !
I don't know the last time I used my sewing machine......

It's a microwavable bowl potholder
(or an ice cream bowl insulator of sorts!).

It wasn't too difficult to make 
and didn't turn out too badly.

I have lots of fabric pieces from
Stampin' Up! (as well as my own stash.....)
that I may put to use to make lots more of 
these if friends / family are interested. 

The instructions I used are posted here:

I've since found a slightly different version here that I will try today:

Lastly here is a downloadable pdf file:

Thanks for looking and stay warm =)

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