Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winter Storm Hercules Has Arrived

8:30 AM - watching the snow fall.
All week long the weather men /women have been 
predicting large amounts of snow and record setting
sub zero weather to hit our area today. 

The kids and are hunkered down for the day.

The all cotton batting I ordered for a project arrived yesterday,
I think I ought to start working on it. 
My sewing machine is upstairs which will be much warmer
than my unfinished basement craft dungeon so I think it sounds like
a perfect idea for today. 
Put a roast in the crock pot, 
bake some home made bread............
sounds like a plan =) 

Nice to see the road crews at it so early in the day, too.
This is to be a dry, drifting snow. 

These super cold days (and deep, drifting snows) have me concerned for my
teenage son working outdoors at his new "big boy" job along the river.
I wonder how he'd feel if his overly concerned mom
called him off work due to the extreme cold and snow ?

Forecast from another local channel. 

This was the scene yesterday:
a 46 degree day melting off the 6" of snow from 
New Year's Day.

The water rushing off of the barn reminds me of those 
old decorative oil lamps from the 1970's or so.
I'm not really sure what they are called, 
but I do remember them:
It was a hanging figurine that had lights above it with thin strands 
surrounding it that oil flowed down in little droplets.


  1. My aunt and uncle had one of those lamps! I always loved watching the beads slide down the strings!
    We didn't get as much snow as they predicted, but the wind is howling and it is COLD! Keep warm!!

  2. I´ll cross my fingers for you! Might it be not to heavy and you donot run outof electricity and food!
    Best wishes ILo


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