Monday, February 24, 2014

Freezing Rain

A few photos from the freezing rain last week:

It looks like the ice is starting to melt in this photo with 
the water droplets falling from the icicles, but it is not.
This is freezing rain, so the rain falls but it is so cold
that it freezes when it comes into contact with the 
ground, trees, etc. 
This would actually be icicles forming as the water
runs down off of the barn roof. 

Forecast for last week, and it was pretty accurate !
We had the freezing rain which caused many, many problems
on Monday. It did get quite warm (68 degrees) in the early 
afternoon on Thursday before the severe storms, winds 
and even three tornadoes in the general area hit. 
The temperatures tumbled and we saw a mix of rain
and freezing precip Saturday night. 
It is the war of the seasons here for sure. 
Next weeks forecast: 
dry but cold all week with the warmest 
day hitting the freezing point and the lows
overnight near the single digits in the outlying areas
a couple of nights. 
Well below normal for this time of year.........

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