Friday, February 21, 2014

Going, Going, Gone

The top two photos show the snow melting on the 19th.
This snow had been on the ground for every bit of two weeks.
It started with a 6" snow fall early in the month
then several other smaller snowfalls 
and even an ice storm on top of that on the 17th 
(I have photos to share of that, still). 
This has been the snowiest 
and coldest winter many of us can recall. 

Early morning of the 20th, 
so much snow melted overnight as the temperatures
actually rose overnight !
You can barely see some of the remaining fog
caused by the warm humid air settling over
the frozen creek and remaining snowy areas.

The snow was quickly melted yesterday afternoon with the 
temperatures hitting near 70 degrees just before 
yet another cold front blew in. 

Three PM, just an hour after the above photo was taken, 
we were hit with strong storms that had 40-60 MPH winds.
You can see in the photo above that the wind was already picking up,
the wind was whipping the flag. 
Some winds were clocked at near 70 Mph ! 
It remained windy throughout the night and today.
Just a few more limbs down at our house 
and thankfully all the shingles stayed on though
many, many people had damage at their homes
and businesses. 

Of course with all of this crazy weather we've had,
everyone wonders what the spring will bring,
how bad will the thunderstorms get in our area,
how many tornadoes and what is on my mind most,
how bad will the flooding be this year ? 

Awwwww, Hyla kitten enjoying the new napping spot 
I made her today.
She loved sitting on the kitchen table looking out the window
at birds, I didn't like that so much,
so I had the brilliant idea to set this up for her:

An old chair that is window sill height ! 
I think she needs a bigger chair though
and definitely a comfier blanket or pillow to lay on.
Then again, she looks quite content as it is :) 

Yes, despite her angelic looks when she 
is dreaming of catching mice, 
she is still quite the menace of a cat.
She never has been one to cuddle
and ask to be petted/scratched.
When she does she will let me pet
her for maybe a minute than all of a sudden,
she will attack me and bite ! 
Makes me sad......
I've never had a cat that acted like that.
At least she has learned to catch mice
which is why I brought her home in the first place :)


  1. Please send snow and rain, water of any kind to us in Northern California LOL.

    1. When the spring storms hit, I'll do a "rain, rain go out West" dance for all of you as I know it is a bad situation. Best of luck!


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