Friday, March 7, 2014

Brrrrr...... Icy Photos

A couple of photos from last month I did not share yet.
Keeping fingers crossed that the forecasters are correct in saying 
our weather is finally going to become more spring like
next week ! 

"A taste of early spring the next few days.  Expect skies to become mostly sunny by Sunday afternoon with temperatures gradually warming into the middle 50s.
Monday and Tuesday will be much warmer with temperatures near 70 both afternoons.
Our next storm system swings through Tuesday evening into early Wednesday with rain that may end a some sloppy wet snow." 

Bring on the rain - wash the salt off of the roads !!!

The river was frozen solid enough for
some daring people to go four wheeling on !
The navigational channel is on the opposite
side of this island so there was no river traffic
to keep the ice broken up here. 
That sure would have been something to see
as they were doing it since the river doesn't 
get that frozen solid here often. 

I can't say that I have ever noticed 
an icicle forming with a bend in it ! 

As the sunlight warmed the snow and ice
enough to melt off of the roof,
the frigid air temps would refreeze the
water in the gutters causing ice 
to build up on a daily basis. 

I've never seen the ice build up like this.
They were all busted off after I took the photos.

My poor car........
this is the saltiest it has ever been
and it wasn't just once this winter.
I must have spent $100 at the 
drive through car wash this winter, 
taking it in every chance I had.
It still needs a really good washing
and undercarriage cleaning once 
all of the salt is off of the roads.
I'm afraid that after this winter,
I may start seeing some rust on my otherwise
clean 1997 vehicle ! 

 This winter has been one to remember (or forget, depending on how you look at it!)
with several record setting days of below zero temperatures and snowfalls.

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