Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Things You Find At Rummage Sales..............

........... Might just happen to be something you made !

Yep, I made this - about a dozen years ago and donated it to the
elementary school holiday bazaar that I organized for several years !
I originally made seven of them;
I always made multiples of seven , one for each class.
The school bazaar was in another town, too, which is what makes
it even funnier to me to have found it ! 
It is missing the ribbon,
but is otherwise in like new condition. 

I took my mom to a large rummage sale at a church yesterday.
By the time we got there things were well picked over, 
it was late in the day and the second day of the sale.
 In fact, to our surprise they were having a bag sale, 
whatever you could get in the bag for a set price!

We certainly didn't need anything , 
but went anyway because you never know ;)

There wasn't much, but we managed to fill two bags,
one of which was books for her to read.

I just had to toss the above ornament into my bag of miscellaneous stuff, 
after all it was something I had made a long time ago.
It was a precut wooden ornament I bought at Walmart.
I lightly stained it and painted the mitten with acrylic paint.

Maybe now that I have the supplies and know how, 
I think I will make a tag for the back with a photo
of my kids when they were little and add this to it:

Mittens warm 
a child's hands,
but Mom warms
a child's heart.

Super foggy with a heavy frost out this morning,
with the promise of a spring like day to come :)

This will be the first week we've not had below freezing temperatures 
and the first to see so many in the 50s or above! 
It's still been so cold, so dreary, so windy here. 
Winter wasn't ready to go away soon in many parts 
of the country last week, lots of places saw several inches of snow.
We had a light dusting of snow/ice early one morning
which of course caused the road crews to coat the roads with salt.
Argh, just when I am hopeful that the roads will be salt free
long enough to get the cars good and clean on their undercarriages..............
more icky weather, salt. 

Maybe the daffodils will finally bloom this week ?

Here's to spring finally making an appearance
in your part of the world, too !

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  1. OK...That is just funny! Never know what you can find! Can't wait to see what you do with this!!


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