Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cottage Rose Round Easel Card

Sadly my most recent projects were sympathy cards.
This is the first I made for my mother's cousin
who's husband passed away unexpectedly.
                                       I will always remember going to their log cabin house
that they built a couple hours drive away 
out in the country for Thanksgivings. 
My grandparents would go with us, too, 
as the relatives were from grandmas (my moms) side. 
The only relatives I ever knew from my mothers side of the family.
 Oh how we looked forward to those get togethers all those years ago.....

I spent a great amount of time on this card,
trying to put together a perfect 
(there is no such thing........) card. 
I'm pleased with how it turned out and 
know that she will appreciate it as she
has always adored (and kept) the hand made
cards I've sent them in the past. 

All supplies used were from Stampin' Up! though most are retired.
I have instructions posted here .
This card required extra postage. 


  1. So sorry for your loss... The easel card is absolutely gorgeous!


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