Sunday, June 1, 2014

Double Rainbow!

What an amazing sight this evening - a double rainbow that appeared to end on the point of a nearby island ! Oh how I wanted to run down to the marina to see if they rented personal water craft, hop on one and ride it out to the island.

What's really neat about where that rainbow ended is that "gold" has been found on that island. Granted, play gold coins left on the island by the operators of the Pirate Ship Gypsy Rose for their guests to find and bead necklaces fired from the ships deck, but nonetheless, treasure has been found on that island :)

This was taken on a cell phone so the photo isn't all that great. I happened to bring my camera with me, but it was a bit of a walk away to get it out of the truck. I thought by the time I got it and climbed back up to the patio of the restaurant we were eating at, the rainbow would be gone. Wouldn't you know it, that beautiful, full, double rainbow lasted for at least a half an hour, plenty of time to have gotten the camera and back to the patio! Just gorgeous !!!!!

As we were driving back home, I noticed a tiny portion of it still barely visible - this was at 7:38 PM. The full rainbow was sighted at 6:19 PM (time stamps on the digital photos come in handy sometimes!).Coolest rainbow I've ever seen (I haven't seen that many in my life), especially since I saw where the end of it was!  Simply wow.

Two more photos I snapped before we left

This is looking west, the way we were going to drive to
the restaurant.

This is looking east, there were severe
storms over that way.
Our house was right in the middle, only catching
a quick little downpour. 


  1. Glad you didn't get hammered by storms. Love the double rainbow! I don't know that I have ever seen one before!

  2. Gorgeous photos! With all the rain we've had this spring, we've actually seen more rainbows than normal and a few were doubles. We managed to avoid the brunt of the storms too!


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