Friday, June 13, 2014

Full Moon Friday the 13th

I tried and tried to get a photo of the full moon tonight and no matter what I did (well, I did not use a tripod as I have been unable to locate our old one we used for video camera use), it would not work. Ack! I used the same camera settings, even went to the same window to prop the camera on the sill, no luck.

I guess those four shots I managed to FINALLY get of a full moon (well, nearly full) two nights before are all I will ever get. SO happy that I did finally get my very own pretty decent photo of a full moon though - and me, having no idea what I am doing, either! I got lucky.

I was so tickled to see the detail in the photo when enlarged on the computer. Granted, it is not perfect, but it is the best, most detailed photo I've ever gotten of the moon ! It's normally just a white blob in photos. I don't think it is too bad for just a "point and shoot" person .

I used a Nikon D5000 with a Tamron 18-270mm lens.

I just kept turning the dial to various settings, both preset and the manual settings. I'm not really sure what one got the photo, but looking at the info these are the settings:

I tried those settings again on the 13th, no luck. Drat.

Thanks for looking =)

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  1. Awesome photos! We were outside on the 13th admiring the moon but I didn't think to grab my camera...


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