Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Summer !

Are you doing anything special to herald in the official start to summer on this Saturday, the longest day of the year ?   It is going to be one of the hottest we've had so far this summer. The heat and humidity moved in this past week, blech. We've been spoiled with a fairly mild spring. In fact, last weekend the humidity and temps were low and it got kind of chilly overnight. It felt like fall !

I took a walk around the flower beds with my camera yesterday. Several of my plants did not come back after the harsh winter while those that did are behind in blooming. The weeds and the bugs are terrible though, the extreme cold and amount of snow was saw last winter did not but a damper in their populations! 
I haven 't heard how the crops are doing here. 

FINALLY, some cherry tomatoes starting !

A few of the perennials that made it back and are now blooming,
or getting close to. 

I put annuals out in pots two weeks ago.
They were all bought on clearance. 
Here are just a few of them.

These or sooooo pretty ! No tag to know exactly what
type of petunia they are. I paid $3.

These were marked petunia, but I had no idea what color
since there were no blooms. I paid $2.

Another cool looking petunia. 
This particular plant was already blooming when I bought it.
I paid $1.

Zinnias, $1 each. 

Verbena    50c

Not sure what these cute little flowers are. 
They were in a large hanging basket I found on clearance for
just $3 !  I had no idea what they were going to look like
 since there was no tag in the pot and no blooms on the plant.
 Since the plant looked healthy and full and was only $3,
 I took a chance. 

Looking forward to my red, white and blue flowers to fill out!
There are some geraniums that I will be surprised at the color of
(two small but healthy looking plants for 75c each).
I have a few white begonia plants, 6 pack for $5 . I almost didn't get them
since they were such small little plants and "expensive" compared 
to some of the others I came across.
The Impatiens were my most expensive purchase at $5 
for the large pot of fully blooming plants. 

I do NOT have a green thumb an honestly do not care for 
working out in the yard (critters!!!! heat and humidity !!!),
but the front porch always looks nice with some color on it
throughout the summer months. 

Now to keep my eyes out for some new buntings on clearance
at the end of the season; mine are fading :(

Thanks for looking,
enjoy the extra bit of daylight today =) 


  1. You got some great bargains on those plants! I love the petunia's in pink and orange. First time I ever saw them!

  2. Gorgeous flowers especially the peachy two tone petunias! Your porch looks amazing too!


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