Sunday, June 29, 2014

Three Fawns

As I was coming around the corner of my house today,
I heard noise on the hill so I stopped.
I looked up and saw a momma deer,
 looking right back at me. I noticed movement
in the weeds behind her thinking it was a fawn, 
then I thought no,
I think it is two ! Twins! 

When I got in the house and looked at the photos
I was able to quickly snap since I had my little
pocket camera with me already,
there were THREE fawns !
I've never seen "triplets" ! 

I like how they she chose to stop
by the brown tall weeds, 
camouflaging the three babies.
Or perhaps it was just random since 
it was the area of the terrace where
the growth is shorter.

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  1. They are so sweet and your pictures are great!! I've never seen triplets before!!


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