Wednesday, July 2, 2014

To Craft or To Pack.......

Hmmmmmmmmm.............. after watching the weather and looking at the latest flood predictions, I can't decide if I should go ahead and start moving some things (as I should have done after last years close call) out of my basement or throw caution to the wind and be positive it won't be bad, just start working on more of my many, many projects. Actually, the latest forecast isn't as bad as last year, so I will not worry  - for now.

I have been working on some scrapbook pages off and on the past week, needing a crafty break from life after a most stressful two weeks. They are made with paper plus printed photograph scrapbook pages, not digital pages.

I was going to make just basic, simple pages to show off the photos I had taken for the Photo Of The Week contest as my first album project, then thought maybe I should look up some sketches to make a few fancier pages. I came across this fantastic web site: . There are surely hundreds more similar sites, this happens to be the first that I found so I printed off some maps to follow. I've used just one so far. I'll share it , and a couple others once I finish them off, soon. I'm pretty tickled with an embellishment I made for one of them. It isn't complete yet as I am waiting for my printer ink to arrive so I can print out the finishing piece.

I haven't done much scrapping, just never made the time (or the space to store them!) but with thinking about changing some priorities after my health issues this past month, I am going to get some completed. I'd rather make digital pages because they seem simpler to me, less mess to make and are easier to store in albums due to being less bulky, but I have so many traditional paper crafting supplies that I must put to use !  As much as I love making cards to donate to Operation Write Home for the troops to write home to their loved ones on, I need to spend time working on my personal, put off for far too long projects. I have such a long to-do list of crafty things I want to make, photos to print and albums to fill, photos to scrap! Then I think, does anyone really care ?

This photo was shared recently on facebook

I've always loved this one , it is a scan of an old 
Mary Engelbreit calendar of mine.

I've "wasted" an awful lot of my time over the years!

I've tried using crafts - and chocolate - to keep my sanity!
Another scan of an old ME calendar of mine.

Lastly, one more shared on facebook:

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  1. Don't you just love page maps!!! Can't wait to see your pages! I love your inspiration pieces too and you might be surprised just how much they are appreciated as you finish them.


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