Thursday, July 3, 2014

Under The Sun Tour 2014 Photos

BIGGEST show to hit our little town - ever ! Despite the four big name (okay, so maybe they aren't as popular as they once were........)  acts playing and the absolutely gorgeous weather, there were only approximately 2500 concert goers last night. The tickets were general admission and $28.50 each, perhaps that had something to do with the small turnout. The weather was perfect for the outdoor show, so that certainly should not have deterred anyone from coming out to see a concert.

I didn't have an ideal seat as I had to wait for my daughter to get home from work before heading down to the show, an hour after the gates opened. Two of her friends were already there and since there was enough room where they were seated, we sat with them. We were three rows back, but to the far right of the stage. There was enough room to go stand up front among the other people up there if we wanted, but I chose not too being of such short stature I knew I would see nothing more than backs of heads ;)
The kids did go up during the Smash Mouth set and the girls managed to wiggle their way to the front, they were excited. They came back deaf as to be expected though !

I took my little point and shoot Fuji camera. I'm bummed that I didn't think to take the time to fiddle with the settings on it sooner as it got dark out, nearly all of the Sugar Ray photos are nothing but blurs. I finally noticed it during the Smash Mouth set, turned the dial a few times (it was dark and no idea what settings to use anyway as the preprogrammed modes didn't seem to work well) and wallah, using the Shutter priority mode, I got a few decent shots. Of course this was on the last two songs of the set ! Seriously, bummed. Their set seemed the shortest, it was 45 minutes, but it just flew by seemingly quicker than the others. Perhaps because they were our favorite band of the lineup ?

After the show, we met one of the guitarists from Smash Mouth. He shook our hands and chatted for a minute, giving each of us a pick and taking a photo with us. Very personable;  a neat end to our fun night at the Under The Sun Tour concert !

Walking down to the amphitheater, tour buses in back.
This was a big deal for our town !

Our view

Uh oh, it's beginning to look like rain !

Sister Hazel

Uncle Kracker

 Sugar Ray

Smash Mouth 

for making a stop in this small town and 
for putting on a great show, guys !!!!!

After the show we met Sean Hurwitz, 
a guitar player with SmashMouth.
This is the pick he handed out to us. 
Yes, I will make a scrapbook page at some point =) 


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  1. Great photos and sounds like it was an awesome concert! I don't think the tickets were too expensive since there were four well known groups. We've skipped a lot of concerts because the ticket prices were insanely expensive.


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