Saturday, July 26, 2014

What A View!

My Mom took me to lunch with my Aunts the other day
to a place I've never been before -
and yet I live just 15 minutes away ! 

It is a winery / eatery / cabins for overnights /
zipline / ever expanding facility on the top of
a bluff along the rivers.

WOW what a view - and quite the drive up the hill.

I was somewhat disoriented when I got out 
of the car, I couldn't get my balance at first
(that isn't uncommon for me though when it comes
to heights, among other things).

It was a beautiful day, so cool and not humid
for this time of year here so we stayed out on the deck.
Had I known there was a deck and they would sit out,
I would have put on sun block before we left - I'm so sunburned !

Here are a few photos from that day.

This is looking straight out. The marina at the bottom of
the photo is on the Illinois river. The stretch of water in 
the middle of the photo is the Mississippi River.
The two rivers meet right here ! 
We spent many weekends out there on my parents boat(s),
spending quite a bit of time in what was known as "Chute 3"
between the islands here.

Those farms dotting the land at the top of the photo are in
Missouri; I am standing in Illinois taking the photos.

A towboat southbound where the rivers meet.

That is the last little "island" between the two rivers
just above the barge in the photo.
When we were kids we called it "dog poop island" because 
people would stop there to let their dogs take care of business. 

This is looking down the Mississippi river. 
If the bluffs weren't in the way,
I could see my house, ha ha !

This view would have been much different in 1993
with water nearly as far as the eye could see
during the great flood.

None of those condos were there at the time, either. 
This little old river town has grown quite a bit,
really become a tourist destination since that 
devastating flood. 

Custom made iron sculpture / water fountain. 
An aerie is an eagles nest. Eagles winter in this area.

What a surprise to see one of the STL250 cakes as we 
were leaving ! Had I known it was there, I would have taken
better photos. There are a couple of them in the area,
I need to go find them. Most are in the St. Louis area
since they were made to celebrate the cities 250th birthday.

This photo was trying to show the grade driving back down the hill.
It is even steeper at the very bottom ! 

I will go back this fall when the leaves have changed to take more photos -
and maybe, just maybe, get brave enough to try the zipline......................


  1. What awesome views! I know the camera just doesn't do it justice! A nice day to spend with family!

  2. Sounds like an amazing day! I loved hearing about all the different photos, even Dog Poop Island! Sounds like Shadow's kind of place!


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