Monday, August 4, 2014

Taking A Break

For anyone that may follow my blog, I wanted to let you know that I will be having surgery today so until I am recuperated enough to make it down to my craft dungeon, I won't be able to make anything new to share. I thought about dragging some supplies upstairs to work on projects, but I know that I couldn't possibly bring everything I'd want up, there would always be something else I needed ;)

That is going to be the most difficult part about this for me, not being able to walk down the 15 steep stairs to stand and work at my table (or lift things, etc) for a while :(  I'll take this time to redo a photo album or two. I have several pocket albums I want to reorganize before I start putting all of the other photos that have been in boxes for years into albums. Plus there are hundreds more digital photos to sort through to decide which to print not to mention the hundreds and hundreds of photos I've had printed this year that need to be put into the albums I purchased recently............ I also have a large stack of documents that I could scan and a photo disc to start working on that I plan on giving the relatives this Christmas.  I have more than enough things I could do while being banished from my basement craft dungeon these next couple of weeks !

I have scheduled several scrapbook page posts to be published over the next three weeks, one every three days. 



  1. Don't worry about the blog - Worry about YOU! We will be here when you are ready! HEAL QUICKLY - HUGS

  2. Good luck with your surgery and healing.

  3. Hope everything went well and you are on the mend!!


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