Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pop Up Box Card and Boston Creme Pie Cupcakes

 Above is the pop up box card birthday card I made for my mother's birthday. 
All stamps and supplies (other than "Mom") were from Stampin' Up!,
most are now retired.
I have directions for the first one I made posted here

This is one of the "Boston Creme Pie" cupcakes I made her.
It doesn't look that great,
but they tasted just fine !

I'm certain the make them from scratch recipe
that included a home made chocolate ganache topping
would have been oh so delicious, but I decided to try to
make them with easy to use store bought items. 
Yes, mom is worth it but I wasn't quite up to all the work involved 
with making everything, pudding included, from scratch. 

Simple Boston Creme Pie Cupcakes Recipe

1 box of butter recipe yellow cake mix

French Vanilla instant pudding mix,

Container of premade chocolate icing

Bake cupcakes according to cake mix directions,
but do not use paper muffin pan liners. 
Instead spray/grease each tin well and
pour mix directly into pan. 

Prepare instant pudding mix to make a pie milk amounts,
1 3/4 cup rather than 2 cups for the brand I used. Chill.

Once cupcakes are baked and completely cool, 
carefully remove them from their pans then cut in half horizontally.

Place a dab of pudding in the middle of the two halves.

Ice the tops. 

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  1. The card is so pretty and happy, and that cupcake looks delicious!


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