Sunday, November 2, 2014

Microwaveable Cup Cozy - Anything Goes at Anything But A Card

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My project is something I recently made to help prevent 
from burning my fingers when removing this glass
from the microwave after heating water in it to make tea.
It is a microwave safe cup cozy 
and it matches the microwave safe bowl cozies I made last winter.

I don't use tea cups or coffee mugs.
I also don't use a tea pot to heat the water since 
I am the only one that drinks tea in my family, 
I just heat up a single glass of water as I need it.

Using bulky hot mitts to remove the too hot to handle
glass from the microwave was bound to make a mess
one day, the mitts on my hands don't fit around the glass
 well to use just one hand for removal (yes, I know, use two hands instead).
By creating the microwaveable cup cozy, I can 
use it on the glass in the microwave then easily remove it with
one hand once done - no burned fingers ! 

I don't have a pattern for this project since I had to custom make it
to fit my glasses. 
Below are photos that show the steps I used to make my pattern.

NOTE: I've seen coffee/tea cup cozies that wrap around
and have button or velcro closures. I didn't want to make one
of those types to use in the microwave since the button or
velcro may not be safe to use in a microwave.
By using 100% cotton fabric, thread and batting
as I have for bowl cozies,  it should be fine.
I won't leave it unattended anyway
just to make sure.

 First, I wrapped scrap paper around the glass
then taped it in place.

I then folded the top edge over to give me a mark
of where to trim off the excess paper.

NOTE:  you will probably need to do this to the bottom
of your scrap paper as well if it does not.
The piece I used for this tutorial already had a curve
cut in it that fit the glass bottom well enough to start.

I folded over one short edge (for a seam allowance)
and taped it to the glass.
I then took the other short end and carefully butted it up
next to that edge (it's 1/8" over the first edge actually), 
folding it over in place to create the second half of the seam.

The side seam taped in place and trimmed,
but leaving enough of an edge for the seam allowance
once it is cut out of fabric.

To make the sides even in width,
I used a ruler to measure down from the top edge
and marked it in several places along the bottom.
Using a pencil, I connected the marks to create the bottom curved edge
of the pattern that was then trimmed with scissors.

This is my finished pattern.

Once I was happy with the basic size and shape of the pattern, 
I laid it out on two layers of 100% cotton material, 
right sides facing together. 

Pin in place and cut out.

Cut out a piece of 100% cotton batting.
It can be the same size as your fabric or just a 
teeny bit smaller. just make sure if you make it smaller,
there is enough to catch in the seams. 

Layer all three together, right sides of fabric facing each other
and the cotton batting on top.

 Stitch along both long sides.

Trim seams, turn right side out and iron seams.

Top stitch along the long edges/seams.

Wrap around the glass, wrong side out, and pin the two short sides together 
to create a seam. I just pinned at the top and bottom to give me an idea
of where the seam will be, the pins were flush with the glass. 
I then removed it from the glass and marked the fabric where 
the seam will be then removed the pins before stitching.
 I used a straight stitch then went 
back over the raw edges with a zig zag stitch. 

Turn right side out and slide over glass.

Prewash fabrics; do not use fabric softener.
NEVER leave unattended in the microwave !!!
Only use if it is dry and clean; 
bits of food may cause arcing/scorching.

Thanks for looking =) 

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  1. What a great idea and I love those spots, so jolly!

  2. Heather, just what I will need for the coming winter days, I got last year a teapot warmer from a friend of mine, but well, you know it's not so handy, because each time you need to pour and when I am busy, I tend to forget that I poured, no trouble here come Heather's cup cozies, thanks! Brilliant!

  3. Hi Heather.... I never would have thought to make something like this and I'm always burning my fingers from hot cups. Love how you created your own pattern and thanks for the tutorial... I actually think I'm going to try this and put initials on them for stocking stuffers for my family !

  4. Heather I'm with you about no buttons nor velcro! Your make is clever, pretty and useful too! As Toni said great for small gifts too!


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