Sunday, November 30, 2014

My Memories Suite V6 is Here !

Exciting news - My Memories Suite has been updated and contains Commercial Use Content (see TOU). The award winning MyMemories Suite 6 is a fun and easy way to create scrapbooks, photobooks, custom gifts and more ! You can click on the My Memories Suite label on my sidebar to see some projects and tutorials I've created with this software (version 5).

New Commercial Use Content for Version 6: 
     6 Designer Templates
     128 Backgrounds
     354 Embellishments

My Memories 6.0 new features:
- Software can now be used for commercial use purposes, see TOU for details.
- Templates included with the software are commercial use, see TOU for details.
- New features have been added for background recolor and effects.
- You may now crop embellishments using the crop icon in the embellishments panel.
- Lock/Unlock objects feature have been added to the layers gallery.
- Show/Hide objects features have been added to the layers gallery.
- New Page Guides Manager, you may insert and save guide placement.
- You can now customize the Toolbar to only display selected features.
- New Imprint Painting feature allows you to color specific parts of imprints.
- You may now match the size of other photo boxes on the page.
- New Lines & Editor allows you to place unique lines on your layout.
- New Paint Brush Shapes have been added to the paint feature.
- Text now has Full Justification, Bullet, Border, and Padding options.
- The error check on export now has the option to continue with errors.
- Dialogs have been simplified for Rounded Corners, Matte, and Shadow.
- You may now set all photos on the page or album to have Rounded Corners.
- Paint Brush cursor now shows selected color.
- Embellishment previews are slightly larger. 80 pixels up from 60 pixels.
- Compression Settings are now available on JPG export.
- 1x canvas rendering is default to improve performance. 2x can be enabled in prefs.
- Framework has been updated to 64bit for improved performance and stability.
- Various bug fixes.

Make certain you have the minimum system requirements of 
Platform: Windows 64-bit 7 or 8.
Mac OS X 10.7.5 or later.

Click Here for a video tutorial of features in the updated software.

My Memories blog post

Purchase the new software using my affiliate code STMMMS23251 to receive
 a 25% discount through December 3rd, 2014 and the special offers below!

You can buy it as a download (fast, stable internet connection required as it is a huge file, about 2.5GB in size) or have a disc shipped to you for a small shipping and handling fee.  Enter code STMMMS23251 to receive the special offers.

There is also a free 30 day trial offer available (download) if you'd like to try it! Be sure to enter code STMMMS23251.

Lastly, create a photo book and have it printed free (you must pay shipping and handling fees) through this special  link. 20 page 6 x6 softcover and offer available in the continental Unites States only. 

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