Sunday, December 7, 2014

Angel Wreath - Celestial Challenge at Anything But A Card

This months challenge prompt at 

Just what I needed to finally put paint to plaster
and complete one of the many crafty items I
have had in stock for far too long!
One of them happened to be a precast plaster
wall hanging of an  
Angel with stars, perfect 
for the challenge - and the season.

The precast plaster item, various paints and varnish,
snow texture medium, 
an old wreath and red velvet ribbon
 I've kept to reuse "someday" -
they all came together pretty well :)


Twenty plus years ago I used to enjoy painting precast plaster
items such as ornaments for the Christmas Tree.
I made lots of small items to donate to the
elementary school holiday bazaar that I organized 
and crafted year round for way back when. 
After my children moved up to Junior High,
I no longer ran the bazaar or was needed for it :(

 I've since discovered rubber stamping and card making
which have taken over for my days
of making general, country crafty / home decor type items !
 I still have a large stash of  "to do" craft projects in stock, though.

The photos below show some of the detail on the
plaster item after I painted it with acrylic craft paints:

Toothpicks are great for adding tiny dots of paint.

I thought my project for the challenge was done: 
a gift set of the painted plaster item,
handmade card and gift bag complete with
bubble wrap and tissue paper.

I decided the plaster hanging was a bit too "blah",
so I dug out an old horribly misshapen wreath
(found at a tag sale at a local church years ago),
snow texture medium and a piece of red "velvet" ribbon
I've had saved in my stash (from a package long ago).

After reshaping the wreath the best I could 
( I did choose to keep it a bit oval shaped)
and fluffing out the little branches,
I used my fingers to rub on the snow texture medium.

Once it was dry, I attached the angel plaster hanging.

I then wrapped some wire around it at the top to create
a hanger.

The red ribbon was cut and made into a bow,
then attached with hot glue. 

I briefly thought about hot gluing in some old 
 ball ornaments and make some glittery gold stars
to add as well, but I decided it would be too
"busy" with all that on there. 
I kept it plain and simple !

Thanks for looking =)

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 Lots of inspiring, varied projects shared !
If you have the time this month, 
make anything but a card with a Celestial theme 
and share it with us !


  1. Heather, that is a beautiful door decor, loved the way you painted your plaster! hugs, Ruth

  2. Amazing! I didn't even notice the wreath was oval until you mentioned it - I, too, have an overflowing stash, but nothing as good as what you pulled together :)

  3. I love how you incorporated all these pieces together! Beautiful wreath for sure!


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