Thursday, January 8, 2015

Brrrrr..... Bugs and Birds

Brrrrrrrrrrr! Despite it being record setting cold out
(2.7 F this morning, but with wind chills at -20 F),
some of the "ladybugs" that are overwintering in the house
are coming out. Perhaps that is a sign the thermostat is set too high?
They are "bugging" Hyla cat.

I took this photo earlier in the week before the extreme cold moved in.
There were numerous robins in the yard, rooting through
old leaves and such on this day. 
This shot shows three robins, a cardinal and a squirrel
all sharing a tree. 

It's been tooooooo cold to work in the old craft dungeon,
so I have been upstairs spending some time choosing
more digital photos to be printed. Still working on that 
huge project I started last year. 
And I still have my furry helper ;)

EDIT: Ack ! When setting up this post I realized that the others I had written
to go out the past few days did not, I had them saved as drafts still........
So, out they go now.
Most of the posts I'll be sharing for the time being will be
Christmas related since I wasn't able to do any posting last month.

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