Sunday, January 11, 2015

Circle Punch Christmas Tree Swing Card

The swing card base is a die from Stampin' Up!

The bases to these cards were made last year
as a fun way to give my kids money.
See this post here for the fun idea I came up with.
They didn't keep them, so
this year I added a new stamped circle to the back of the swing part
and the fun circle punch tree to the front.
Below are some photos that show how I made the tree.

The crinkling, separating of the layers is not necessary.
I did it to give the card stock more texture
and to make it thinner, easier to fold.

Fold the circle in half to give yourself a center mark.
Fold the sides in at the center mark.
The top point/fold starts at the mark then you
bring the rounded side in the meet along the center line.

I added a dab of glue at the tops of each section
so the lower "branches" would still be loose,
easy to fiddle with to make them "fluffy".

I didn't take a "how to" photo of painting the branches,
but it is easy. I used white acrylic craft paint and
a small paint brush to dab white onto the tips. Once dry,
I fluffed out the "branches" a bit.

You could take the tree a step farther by decorating it with
teeny, tiny punched pieces of colored paper or
dabs of glitter glue and paint.

Thanks for looking =)

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  1. That's a lovely card, Heather. You made it look so simple...and that tree looks beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great week.


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