Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Custom Painted Mailbox

 I've "custom"painted our rural mailbox a few times over the years.

The first one was done with foam stamps in the shape of ivy leaves. I had previously used the stamps with glazing paints on the half bath wall and thought they’d be a nice touch to our plain white mailbox. The name and address were hand lettered with a small paintbrush.

The second one was a sort of patriotic daisies theme. It was totally inspired by a painted watering can project in one of my craft magazines. I used outdoor acrylic paints and sealed it with clear spray paint. It stayed out on the pole, slowly fading, for 13 years.

The mailbox got to the point where it could no longer be repaired (and was really faded) so we bought a new one – and I custom painted it, too.

The local hardware store no longer carries large white rural mailboxes, only black. It was fine since I had to repaint it red anyway.

The new one is totally inspired by the red barn ! Other than messing up the shingles (they are too large), I think it turned out well.

It was spray painted with exterior spray paint then I used outdoor acrylic craft paints for the numbers and shingles. Various sizes of craft paintbrushes were used to apply the paints.

I used my Cricut Create machine to cut stencils from clear sticky contact paper. It was a great idea, but the teeny tiny grooves on the mailbox allowed the paint to ooze underneath the stencil, creating dozens and dozens of blotches I had to touch up. This time I made HUGE numbers on the side of the mailbox, making it super easy to spot (photo edited for privacy ).

The shingles were made by painting a black background first then stamping gray paint with a rough textured sponge cut to fit. I went back in with a thin paint brush to add lines around parts of most of the shingles as well as outline the numbers. After letting it dry for 24 hours, I sprayed it with clear spray paint.

Thanks for looking ;)


  1. Great mailbox - I should do this. I have a plain black plastic one - need to think about sprucing it up!


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