Saturday, January 3, 2015

Favorite Scrapbook Pages from 2014

Last year I actually made numerous scrapbook pages, a first for me ! I made both digital and traditional pages. I decided since I posted 14 of my favorite cards from last year, why not post 14 of my favorite scrapbook pages, too ? So here they are.


Two pages made from a digital scrapbook kit
using My Memories Suite software.
At the time I was part of a creative team for a designer,
so this was using one of her kits to promote it.
They are my two favorite pages and my favorite kit
from her that I worked with .
I followed sketches for the layouts.

Oh how I wish I had better pet papers/embellishments on hand,
but I was trying to use up things I already owned rather than ordering more.
There are no craft stores locally, so I must order things online.
These papers happened to come from our local Big Lots store
back when they carried scrapping/crafting items - I miss that section of the store.

So much fun trying to figure out how to make a "punch art" camera embellishment for this page !

Really happy with the way this one turned out -
the background paper is one solid preprinted piece.
I made my own paper flower embellishments.


Not too sure about this one, it seems a bit busy, jumbled.
I do really like the wheel and tire I made for the journaling !

This one is really busy for me, but I like it well enough.
I followed a sketch.
I think I like pages a bit less cluttered so the photo shows more.


Trying to keep it simple so the photo pops,
one of my all time favorite photos.
It was printed in color in our local newspaper as the
Photo Of The Week.


Fun to make this paper punch bumblebee to use
with the die cut vellum flowers kit !


Another digital page, this one was created for a challenge.
I like digital scrapbooking,
I never feel like I am wasting supplies and can redo things
over and over until I am happy with them.
Of course many times I still find fault with the layout months later,
but so long as I save the work files, I can go back and change it easily!

Super simple pages, not much special about them
other than me trying to create my own panorama photo
and use it on a two page spread.
I still needed to add the tour logo to the left of the U
when I photographed this page.

Funny when you look at things you made months ago
and find things that you would like to redo.....
my number one reason why I never scrapbook photos,
I always find fault with the pages and want them done differently.
I think the lettering being on the same red as the rest of the page
is now bothersome to me as well as I wish I had recut all the letters a bit smaller
and made it read 1969 rather than 428.......... But I do like the simple page.

This is my most favorite of them all !
Pretty plain and fun, fun, fun to make the cut out,
hand painted flames for the background !!!!!!!!

I'm kind of partial to this one out of all I made last year, too.
So plain, yet perfect to show off my one in a million shot.
I also made it a shadowbox effect.


  1. Thanks for the tutorial on the camera. I am so going to use this for a art photo journal I'm making with my granddaughter. Thank you so much

    1. You are welcome, Linda ! Have fun with it and Happy New Year


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