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Paper Punch Elf Faces

Paper punch elf faces I made this year for a clue finding game
I made my kids to play Christmas morning.

Longwinded story, skip if you'd
rather go to the additional photos:
The tradition of hiding various clues started years ago when
 Santa brought my kids an air hockey and foosball table
that had to be assembled in the basement.
Our old farmhouse has a steep, narrow staircase to get to the basement
and once down there, many steel support poles to navigate around.
There was no way possible the table games could be assembled upstairs
and left "under the tree" then moved to the basement.
They had to be assembled in the spot they were going to be played
in the basement. Should the kids ever move out and want to take the games with them,
they will need to be disassembled to be removed, no joke.

 I decided to make a game of hiding clues for them to find the table games.
Back then, when they were much younger, they really enjoyed it (or so I thought).
Over the years I've done various versions of it
while some years I did nothing of the sort when they complained
about not wanting to do it. As they got older, all they wanted was to sleep in,
find a gift of cash then go back to bed or get on social media. Kids !

So last year, when they were 18 and 22, they were given the
They complained that there was no game and just
boring cash. Boy, I can't win for losing !!!!!!

Soooo this year, I spent way too much time making these elf faces
and hand writing clues (nursery rhymes of all things!).
My original plan was to write a little story, each elf holding
a page to it . I was even going to go so far as to have the part of the story
relevant to the shape of the origami folded money I wanted to leave at each stop.
With a forecast for mild weather this year, I intended on having them hunt
for a few clues outside (but in my heart knew that they would not be happy to do that,
plus it wasn't wise to leave money laying around the property).
 In the end I decided not to spend much more time on it
because this may be one of those "Oh, how lame is this, we don't
want to have to hunt for a gift!" years. So quick nursery rhyme clues it was.

Why nursery rhymes when they are as old as they are ?
They were the only things I could think of to send them to different parts of the house
to find the next clue - and types of clues I've not used in the past.
I wanted to think of lines/titles from songs since they both really like music,
but just could not come up with anything that would work.

So, without further rambling, here are my elves, the clues
(I did leave one word blank that they had to figure out) -
and the origami folded money I left at each stop.

"Twinkle, twinkle, little ___________________."

First clue left in the Christmas tree.

It took them a minute to find the star since it isn't something
they really notice.

"Rub a dub, dub, three men in a ____."

The origami folded bills are two shirts,
one of which has a tie !

This one was easy since there is only one bathtub in the house.
However, I could have been sneaky and hidden it in a storage "tub"
or even a wash basin "tub" in the garage.

"Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the ______________."

The origami folded bills were a boot and a box (to resemble a videogame).

This took a moment too, because at first they couldn't think of a candlestick. My son remembered one in the china cabinet (I had forgotten about that one!). In the end my daughter found this one since her dad was standing in the kitchen with the videocamera and saying warmer/colder so she suspected it must have been in there, then she saw the glowing light. I did have the lightweight curtains pulled closed so the elf wasn't easily seen right away.

"Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your ___________ grow ?"

That clue threw them for a loop, they had to google it !

The origami folded bills were hearts.

It came to my son when my daughter said "roses? flowers?" as
she was trying to google it on her cell phone.
He raced outside and easily found it in one of the flower beds,
my garden.

"Hickory, dickory, dock, the mouse ran up the _____________"

"Oh man, there aren't any clocks in our house!" they said.
Not sure what they were thinking......... I guess that most of the clocks are digital, on appliances.

I did think about being sneaky and hiding it on the clock out in the garage,
but it is too far up off of the floor, out of our reach without a ladder.

The origami folded money was a butterfly and a star.

Although most of the clocks in the house are digital on devices,
there is a real clock with hands on it in the den.
They had to find the star clue there so I didn't want to send them
back to the same room (I make them go to different parts for each clue).

I gave the below clock to my daughter many years ago,
but she no longer wanted it so I kept it.
I say "Whatever" a lot, so it is perfect to use in the craft dungeon.
She had forgotten all about it.
It hasn't been on display for some time since I kept
knocking it over (can't be attached to the cement walls)
while it was propped up on top of my work desk.
 I drug it back out just for this clue.

They were kind of at a loss as to where there was a clock
(not even having looked at all of them throughout the house yet,
they were only thinking of the main living level).
I had to remind them that it could be anywhere in the house,
my son bolted to my craft dungeon and went straight to my work desk.

The origami folded bills left here were pants.

I ended so soon thinking they weren't going to be into it
as in years past, grumbling about it the entire time.

They were disappointed that it ended -
and that there wasn't a huge end game prize.
Yep, I just can't "win" :)

Here are photos of the folded bills.
Most worked really well while others I struggled with,
they didn't quite turn out as expected (box and butterfly).
Directions can be found all over the internet.
I used this page as a starting point

 I didn't get a photograph of the hearts ! 
I made them the same as these I made in another

Most items were from Stampin' Up!

Ornament punch for face
Two Step bird punch (wing for ears)
Full heart punch, humps cut off, for hat
Label punch for hat brim
various circles, snowflakes, flowers for pom poms on hats
scalloped circle for collar of shirt
tiny circle punch for nose

googlie eyes

ink pad and sponge for the cheeks/noses/ears

scissors and scraps of card stock to cut the different hair styles

assorted embossing folders

Scraps of lightweight cream paper to make the "scrolls".
 I was going to cut small hands to hold them,
decided not to since the kids don't really notice
for all the little details I put into things.
I will reuse the elf faces on Christmas cards next year -
and probably make the little hands holding stamped greetings !

You can find instructions for various types of paper punch
elves all over the internet.

Thanks for looking =)

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  1. What a lot of creativity. I love the rhymes!!


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