Sunday, February 1, 2015

Friendship Challenge at AnythingButACard

Join us this month at
in creating projects that celebrate
Friendship !

Here is how I made my Friendship Map using My Memories Suite V6 software.

TIP: make a folder on your computer Desktop to file all of the components you wish to use on this project in. It will make it easier to find them when you want to use them in the program.

The first step is to find a map to use for your background. I used this colorful patchwork map found at . Save it as a jpg file in the folder you created on your desktop. Note: I changed the "watermark" on the map since the one that I downloaded from their site had a typographical error; I fixed it and added my info as well.  

Open the My Memories Suite V6 software.

Choose Design.

Choose 11x8.5 Landscape Album under the Professional Print Sizes column (or whichever size you want your project to be).

If you haven't already, choose whether or not you want the Album Bleed Area to show on your project (I remove it from mine).

Click Backgrounds - Add - Browse. Navigate to where you have your map image saved then click on it then OK to add it as a background into your project .

Click ShapesAndLines -Add. Choose the shape you want for your photo mat, click on it then click Add.

TIP: If you are inserting several photos and want them to all be the same size, you will want to Copy and Paste the Shape once you have it sized the way you want. This will make each additional shape the same size.

I chose a circle shape, color filled it white then added a colored mat edge (black) and a drop shadow.
Now for a fun feature in the My Memories Suite V6 software: making Text wrap around the circle! There are a couple of ways to do this. In this tutorial I will show you how to do it by making the text wrap to the outside edge of a circle then resize it so it fits just inside the circle. You could make it wrap around the inside edge of the circle with one click, but the text faces a different way. Play with it to see which you prefer (I'll share samples below).

TIP: there is another way to make custom text paths , by choosing Lines (ShapesAnd Lines) to attach your text to. This feature is really neat, you can make all sorts of text lines/shapes with it!

Once you have your mat shape and size set, click Text -Add - Curve . This opens your text box editor to type what you want to say. Double click in it to type (change font, size and color if you wish) and then spell check. Once done, make sure the text box is highlighted, having the little gray resizing squares around it. You will use these squares while keeping the left mouse button clicked to drag the text box size to fit into the size of the shape you made. You can also rotate the text this way, too, if you need it to be a bit more precise than what the Left and Right functions (a single click rotates your text) in the Text editor give you. TIP: If you are using multiple shapes on your project that are all the same size, you will want to copy and paste this text box once you get it sized correctly. It will be the same size as the first you made, but you will need to change (easy to do) the text .

You can also fill the shape up with text by holding the Shift key down then left Click on the shape so it is also "active". Once both are highlighted/active, right click on them. Several options will pop up, choose "Attach To Shape". Your text box will now go inside your shape, filling it up (depending on how much text you have) from side to side left to right.

 Examples of the Text Curve Inside and Outside
of Circles and Squares feature

You are nearly done ! Now it is time to insert your photo. Click on Photos - Box - Shape. I chose a circle (there are nearly 30 shapes to choose from!), then click Matte - Change - Picker.

I used the color picker feature to change the color of the "matte" edge to match a color in the map. I then clicked Shadow and just used the default setting, but you have options to change the opacity, blur, offset and even the color of the shadow.
Once you have everything the way you want on your Photo Box,  double left click on the box then navigate to where the photo is you want to use. Left click once on the photo, click OK then the Photo Editor window will pop up so you can make some basic adjustments to the photo to fit the shape. Now if you really want to have some fun with your photo, click on one of the simple to apply options in the Photos section: recolor, rip, photo effects such as Impressionist Painting, Fisheye and Sketch among other fun to play with options.

After creating all of my photo boxes and mats,
I opened a final Text Box to type in the quote.
I used a white drop shadow under black text
to try to make it stand out a bit more on the busy patchwork map background.

That's all there is to it !

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  1. Love this idea and a great tutorial.

  2. Heather..... what a great piece... so creative... and wonderful tutorial... I haven't done much digital creating but I will definitely refer back to your tutorial to try something. Thank you

  3. WOW I love this piece!! I am honored as I think I am on it!!! Big ol circle around Kentucky!!!

  4. Fun layout to celebrate your pen pals across the country!


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