Thursday, February 5, 2015

Nintendo 3DS Birthday Card

This is a birthday card I created using
My Memories Suite V6 software.
It is sized 8x8 and will be folded in half.
It is supposed to resemble a new Nintendo 3DSXL
handheld gaming system.
My nephew is hoping to buy one with money he has
been gifted for Christmas and his birthday.
It took some time making the digital paper punches to size
and put in position, but in the end I think it
turned out better than had I tried to make one from
real paper punches and such.
Plus, the sentiment is much straighter
(and a better font/size than any of my stamps)
than if I would have tried to stamp it.

My kids gave me a thumbs up,
so I think my nephew will like it.

I didn't take screen shots of the process for a tutorial,
but it is pretty straightforward:

Open the MMS6 software.

Choose "Design"

Choose "Quick Sizes 8x8"

TIP: Remember to hit "SAVE" on your project
 throughout the process in case something happens
(power surge, cat jumps on your keyboard, etc).
You don't want to lose all of your had work !

Background - Color - White

Then start adding Shapes, resizing them
to resemble the different buttons and windows.
Color fill as needed.
TIP: when you know you have a few buttons that are supposed
to be the same size, just copy and paste the first one you make
so that they will all be the same size.

I added drop shadows, changing the offset to 0  and 0.

Create text boxes to label the buttons and put sentiments
on the screens. You can change the font, size and colors.

Once you are happy with the design,
export it as a jpg then print it out.

Here are some other video game related cards I've made:
hand cut and paper punches card

digitally designed card

hand stamped card

Thanks for looking =)

Want to learn more about this fun digital scrapbooking software ?
Need to see it in action ?
Go to youtube and search My Memories Suite for
numerous video tutorials
and for more information.
If you decide to buy it, please use discount code
 and you'll receive a $10 discount off of the purchase price,
a $10 store credit to shop for more digital kits (there are lots of freebies, too!),
a month free to the design club and a discount on printing !

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