Tuesday, March 3, 2015


It was a sunny, but cold day yesterday. The ground is covered with old snow from two weeks ago plus another 7" from the past weekend. I don't regularly feed birds (no sense in a bird becoming dinner for a cat should one catch it!), but threw some old pizza out yesterday. Here are a few photos I took:

This is Hyla.
She will be two this May.
She loves to watch the birds 
and go outdoors to hunt mice, etc.
I had just closed the door from throwing the old pizza
out for the birds to eat and there she was, wanting to go out.
I wouldn't let her, I'm so mean ! 
I snapped this photo of her looking at me,
begging to go outside. 

This is Kitty. 
She will be 16 years old in May.
The only bird watching/hunting she does anymore
 is in her dreams :)
She loves to chase the sun shine across the floor though !

A Blue Jay squawking at a starling,
"Back off, buster, this is mine!"

 It worked  - temporarily.

A female Cardinal finally had a chance at a piece of pizza.
She has a little bite in her beak.

No sooner had she gotten a few nibbles,
one of those pesky starlings came back in.

I tried to keep chasing the starlings away so the 
prettier songbirds could get food
(once again, proving how mean I am, giggle!),
but there were just too many and they were persistent.

I think this is a sparrow. 
I like how it was standing on a "snowball" as if
to get a better perch to find the food.

A few quick hops towards something it spied.

Bits of snow flew up as it landed.

Those awful starlings........
A little Junco (?) in the background,
ever so patiently waiting its turn.

 I shooshed the starlings off, the junco (?) came right back
and worked it's way over to the pizza crust. 
Of course the starlings came right back, too.

Uhoh, there is another stray hanging around!
I knew I had heard yowling off and on the past two weeks or so,
was hoping it was just the neighbors cat over here again
(she comes over and picks fights with Hyla). 
It must be a wild cat because as soon as I took this photo, it ran away.
My slight motion caught its attention and it was gone. 
Move on kitty cat, go find another house to take you in.

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  1. WOW You got some great pics! Love it. Hyla is beautiful!


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