Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bryan Adams 30th Anniversary Reckless Tour

Thank you, Bryan Adams, for a terrific show 
and making a stop in St. Louis!!!
The 30th Anniversary Tour of Reckless rocked!!!!!
He and his band sounded fantastic.
The audience interaction was great, too.
They played a smaller, beautiful, venue.
The two hour show ended far too soon
but it will be a night I remember. 

When I lifted my point and shoot pocket sized camera up high,
 I was able to get a few decent photos on the shutter priority setting
(and see on my computer what I missed.......)

These photos have been cropped in a lot from my original,
it only looks like I was standing close ;)

20 rows back, on the floor nearly center stage I couldn't see much most of the night,
but every now and again I could get a peek through an opening when someone moved.
Yes, this is what I saw most of the night  :( 

I will make a couple of scrapbook pages
with these photos, super happy they turned out so well .
I'll be singing along to the songs in my head for the next week -at least!

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