Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Frap Bottle Photo Holder

My son recently discovered the 
refrigerated, bottled coffee drinks
sold in stores.
I asked him to save the bottles for me
knowing there are lots of things that
could be done with them.

In celebration of Earth Day,
here is a quick project I made with 
the first empty bottle:
a photo holder.

Start by removing the stickers
and adhesive from the bottle.
This will take some 
''elbow grease". 

Once I had it totally clean, 
 I gave it one final wipe of a cloth
dampened with glass cleaner/ vinegar
to make sure all fingers prints, etc
were gone before painting.

I rolled up some old newspaper and 
stuck the roll inside the bottle to create a 
sort of handle to make it easy to spray paint. 

I coated it with primer first then I used
a tan color of spray paint I had on hand.

I stuck the roll of newspaper into,
of all things,
a roll of toilet tissue to hold it 
upright for drying. 

I let it dry (and air out!!!) for a few days
before decorating. 
There are zillions of ways to decorate these bottles,
but I went super simple.
I wrapped a scrap of wide lace around it
then added some ribbon.
This is just a prototype, practice jar
in this post. I'd make it much nicer
 for personal use. 

The photo clip holder was from an old one I bought
years ago at the dollar spot. I took it apart then inserted it
into this jar. Use a styrofoam ball cut to fit. 

I would like to make more projects with these types of bottles.

Thanks for looking =)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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  1. Again, another very creative idea!! Love it


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