Sunday, May 24, 2015

National Scrapbook Month Ideas

Edited to add: somehow over the last few months I got it in my mind that I was to write a "featured designer" challenge for a blog I create for.  Since it was already written and was relevant to this month, I am sharing it although it won't be used on the other blog.

May is National Scrapbook Month, my challenge to you is to make a creative way to display a favorite photo(s) !

The ideas are limitless, from displaying photos with special magnets on refrigerators to creating traditional  (or digital) scrapbook pages

and calendars

Created with my photos at

Computer desktop wallpaper calender
that I created with My Memories Suite

to handmade frames

An old frame I brought new life to with paint and scrapbooking supplies

and exploding scrapbooks in a box

Link to just one I've made over the years, the first one!    TUTORIAL

or store bought specialty items

Buy premade paper mache items to decorate with photos.
These are memory boxes for my pets that have passed
(the dog box contains her ashes, so it a memory box urn). 
I decorated each side seasonally and rotate then throughout the year.
If you are unable to find boxes, here is a link to one I made from scratch

even repurposed items

Simple piece of driftwood with twine wrapped around it
to hold a photograph of the sun setting along the river

Binder clips !
These can be decorated with scrapbook papers
and other embellishments for a cute, simple
way to display photos (or hold recipe cards!).

Chipboard from paper packaging (or cereal boxes), scrapbook paper,
wooden dowel rods, ribbon scraps, an empty container =
flower garden of love!

The base is an empty ribbon spool

These are just some of the things I've done to display photographs, there are more posted to the blog. I've so many other ideas I'd like to try (I have a huge old window I want to repurpose into a frame someday!) and certainly plenty of photos to use, but I've run out of space to display them !

Thanks for looking =) 

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  1. A great collection of some of you most wonderful creations!!!


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