Saturday, June 27, 2015

Flooding 2015

Very high river levels really make towboats and 
barges tower above drivers on the road.

Yes, those are raindrops on my windshield.
It rains at some point every !

This road will likely be closed tomorrow.
Once this road closes (the one I use to get "to town"),
ours closes as well. 
I can get out a back way, the long way around,
after driving through a little bit of water.
If it gets too deep, we use a boat to get to 
the truck parked at the higher, dry end of the road.
Ah, the joys of living in the river bottoms!

I was standing on my front porch when I took this photo.

My front yard is now a lake !
There is 5 feet of water out there today.
Eighteen additional inches and it will enter that building
to the far right of the photo.
 Two more feet it will be a foot or so from the driveway.
From then on the ground is flat so it won't take much
rise in water levels before water would get in the house.
It did happen during the flood of 1993,
what was called a 500 year flood.
We did not live here then, but I've seen photos. 
It was too close for comfort in 2013,
I wanted to sandbag that year.
Crazy changes in the weather patterns
(and I truly think new, larger levees being built!)
are causing floods, and more major flooding, than ever.
We don't live behind a levee and one would NEVER
be built here, although I think we should
build our very own ;)

We've been flooding in our area since June 19th.
More and more rain keeps coming,
changing the crest date and height almost daily.
In fact, the local weather people had been
forecasting a dry, mild weekend for a change 
(first in over a month!) - they were wrong. 
A quick downpour was followed
by a couple more rain showers overnight. 
Our area is .10 of an inch short of reaching a record
for the wettest month of June 
as well as one of the wettest months of all time. 
With severe weather forecast for tomorrow afternoon,
we'll surely beat that record.

Between the stress of 
"Should I consider moving some of my stuff
out of the craft dungeon"
and my dad being in the hospital just 
as long as we've been flooding,
I've not done much creating.

I did have several posts half written,
but never completed.
I'll go back in and finish them soon.

There will be TWO posts shared on July 1st:
One of them is my first card project as a member of the
House Of Cards Design Team !!!!
So excited (and nervous!) about
being a part of their fabulous team.
The other project will be digital scrapbook pages
and a printable home decor piece I created as a 
member of the design team for 

I still have yet to create a non card project
for my design team duties at Anything But A Card ,
that will go live July 5th !

Thanks for visiting :) 


  1. Heather - You are in my thoughts. I hope you stay safe and the water recedes soon. Meanwhile please send the rain to South Florida. We are about 12" less in rain and it's looking less and less likely as the summer heat is rising. :)

  2. We're pretty soggy here too with a lot of roads closed. Fortunately, we live at a little higher elevation and are still able to get around ok. Prayers for your dad and that the water stays down!


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