Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Road Closed

Our road is officially closed due to flooding. Good to see that it doesn't stop the Sheriff!

I am still able to get out if need be by taking a long way around, but should the water get much deeper we will need to use a boat as we did in 2013. Sure am hoping the forecast of more scattered rain showers daily and nearly 3" in some areas tomorrow (massive storm system moves across the area) doesn't cause a spike in the crest !!!!! I better get back to packing up more of my crafty stuff to make it easier to move out of the basement if need be (water pressure is already causing leaks and the sump pump to run despite there being no rain yesterday, the ground is just so saturated not to mention I literally have a lake for front yard right now!) ,

I have had no telephone for three days now (phone box is under water),  there is no cell phone service here (too rural) and internet has been intermittent for some reason (storms ?). Time to prepare the boat - and learn how to send smoke signals ;)

On the bright side, I have gone through my box of cards for Operation Write Home, making sure they are all stamped on the backs. I still need to do a final count and sort them in preparation for mailing out soon. I think I must have at least 300 cards ready to go !

I also spent an entire day cleaning my daughters room (it needs a bit more work yet), she recently moved out and left a mess, lots of things behind. After packing up the stuff she left and cleaning, I did some measuring and sketching of the room. I then measured some things in the craft dungeon. I had always said once the kids move out, I'm moving my craft dungeon up to their rooms on the second floor and now more so than ever with the threat of flooding, second time in two years, I want to ! I've been thinking about paint colors, flooring, etc on top of how was I going to fit my stuff in there - only to have my plans squashed by hubby. He insists it stay her room, what if she wants to come back home............   sigh.....................  maybe I could get a really nice houseboat and keep it on a trailer, move my craft room to the boat then if the water ever gets too deep, my crafty stuff will float, ha ha ! No more worries of the basement craft dungeon flooding and the kids' rooms will remain intact should they ever need to come back home ;)

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  1. Hope you craft room doesn't flood. Things are drying out here in Colorado so maybe they'll dry out soon in your area! Have a great day and congrats on making the HOC DT! Look forward to your creations!


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