Sunday, July 12, 2015

Flood Update

The waters finally started receding only to pop back up, though thankfully not as high.

Above are two fawns making their way across the inches of freshly deposited mud
 out in our front yard/field. The creek that backs up from the river and floods our field,
turning it into a lake, is where the tree line is. 

I'd been seeing an egret hanging out front almost every day,
I wondered if it was the same one. 
It is just under the tree line, to the right, in this photo. 
At the highest crest this flood season,
it was 8"over the road where that truck is in this photo.
I'd guess the water was about 5 feet deep out there. 

This is what it looks like today after a dramatic fall
over the past twenty four hours. It won't last long,
 NOAA is forecasting another two foot rise over the next two days.
 It has been nearly one month now of flooding in our area..........
I really can't complain, it has only been an inconvenience
and does make for some fun wildlife watching.
Many others have lost so much, though. 

Look closely at the photo and you can see how much of the grass
has been killed off along the hillside from being under water so long.
The water was up over that road about 8", causing the road to be closed
for nearly one week. The water didn't stay that high long enough to
kill off more of the grass. The field/yard is another story though.......
On the bright side, less time spent mowing this summer !

Thanks for visiting :) 

I'll have some digi scrap projects to share
over the next two days 
as part of my CT duties for JMC Designs,

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