Sunday, July 19, 2015

Floral Sticker Card 4

The final card I made with a set of small floral stickers that were in a grab bag
of goodies I bought from a flea market earlier this year. I trimmed the wording off because it was too tiny to read easily. I meant to put a dark layer between the white background and the embossed piece............. oops! The double stick tape stuck too well as soon as I started laying it on, hadn't even pressed it into place and it was stuck. There was no way I was going to remove it without damaging the card front. I thought about using an ultra thin fine point marker and straight edge to go around on the white. There is plenty of room to do that since the cream piece was trimmed small enough for that other layer. Sure as I try it, I'll ruin the card so I'll leave it alone ;)

Thanks for looking!

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