Saturday, January 9, 2016

Weather Extremes

What a difference a week makes ! 
We went from major flooding 
to our first accumulating snowfall of the season. 

Mild temperatures with days of heavy rain
that are commonly seen in the Spring 
causing major flooding 
to falling temperatures creating ice on the floodwater
and now the snow today with subzero temperatures
tomorrow - right on time for January in the Midwest!

Note: is is difficult to tell in the photos,
but the water was three feet deep over the surface 
of the road at the deepest point
and was easily over eight feet deep in the field ! 
Too deep for vehicles to drive through, so we used boats.
In fact, our field became the
"road" for locals to boat through.

The above photos are my view from inside the house -
yes, the water was too close !

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  1. Yikes! So glad the water is on its way back down! It has been so windy and cold here and our snow came after a heavy rain so almost everything is icy and frozen... I'm ready for spring!


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