Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Paper Bag Bunnies

I made these two silly bunny bags to give to my
nephews. I think this will be the final year
I make them something (they are 15 and 13 after all !)

White paper lunch sack
Pencil to draw the ears on the sack and pink paper
Scissors to cut them out
Circle paper punches for the eyes and "cheeks"
Hand cut with scissors a nose and whiskers
White Signo gel pen for eye highlights

I did crumple my bags up before assembly because I didn't like 
the sharp fold lines on the bags. Plus, it gave them more character ;) 

I trimmed out the inside folds where the ears are.
I then glued the bag front and back together along the ears.
I should have glued all along the top edge of the head, too.
I gave the ears a pinch at the base to finish them off.

Thanks for looking =) 

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  1. What a clever idea! I will have to copy that!


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