Monday, April 25, 2016

Mason Jar Votive Gift Sets

When I had to pack up my craft room during the major flooding last December, I came across some forgotten craft projects. I did donate a lot of materials (and am kicking myself for doing so !!!), but kept others so I could make them into something then donate them. I made eight of these oh-so-early-90's mason jar votive candle holders with coordinating gift cards and bags to donate to a local charity resale shop.

The cards and gift bags were craft it yourself kits I bought at Walmart years ago. They came with preprinted gift bags, cards, envelopes, various embellishments to decorate the cards/bags with and even included tissue paper. I painted most embellishing pieces with acrylic craft paints since I wanted some color (they are all kraft color die cuts). I attempted to ''antique"some of them, too.

I used a gingham design roller stamp with green ink on the envelopes and the insides of the cards.

New (old, but it was never opened) potpourri was placed in the bottoms of the mason jars. Scented votive candles were placed in small flower pot shaped glass votive candle holders that fit perfectly on the neck of the mason jar. Torn pieces of cotton fabric were tied around the necks and a painted wooden button was hot glued on top of the knot. I attached a note to each saying " Do not burn candle unattended."

Hopefully they will sell well for the charity shop, especially with Mother's Day coming up.

Thanks for looking :)

I'm submitting this project to a couple of websites I recently discovered Through The Craft Room Door and Crafting By Designs. I like that they have challenges open to all sorts of craft projects, not just cards.


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