Thursday, January 26, 2017

Homemade Photo Boxes

Yesterday I referred to a set of boxes I made to store photographs in that I made from scratch.
Here is how I made them, custom fit for shelves in an existing storage unit we have.

 heavy chipboard
utility knife
cutting mat
heavy duty adhesive
package of photos for size reference 

I measured the shelves and the envelope.
Scratch paper, math skills and a little bit of
"engineering" were needed to come up
with a plan on how to make them.

The above photo shows the two short ends
and the base of the box skecthed onto a 
12" x 12" piece of chipboard.

The photo below shows the two long sides
sketched onto 12" x 12" chipboard.

I used a utility knife and a straight edge to cut
through the chipboard.  A pair of scissors
were used to trim out the corners.
Make sure they are heavy duty enough to not 
break while cutting the chipboard.

Using a straight edge helps when folding the "tabs"

All sides and base cut, folded

I used Gorlla glue wood glue to adhere my pieces
just because it is what I had on hand and 
it seemed like a good, thick glue to ho hold 
the chipboard pieces together well.

I glued all of the tabs on each side piece together first
and used clothes pins to help hold them in place while drying.

The bottom was glued in after the sides were all set. 
You'll want to find something that will fit inside to
help hold it in place while it dries, too.
Just so happens old videocassettes fit in mine.
Yes, we still have VHS tapes !

 The finished storage boxes in the end of the cabinet.
There is a door that closes over them,
they are not seen.
I thought about painting the boxes
or covering them with decorative paper.
For now they are staying like this since 
no one will ever see them anyway. 

The old entertainment center now turned to photo storage unit !
I made simple curtains(pulled back in photo) 
 to block light and dust from the photo album storage area.
The home made photo boxes are in the ends, covered by doors.

So you are probably wondering just how long 
it took me to make them and
why didn't I buy something already made ?

Well, it did take a while to make them,
but it wasn't too time consuming since
they were all exactly the same.
I did it in a sort of assembly line fashion.

I didn't buy something already made 
because they had to be a specific size.
I did look at a couple of local stores
for something that might work, but no luck.
Custom making them myself to fit perfectly in the shelves
gave me as much room as possible to store photos,too ! 

Thanks for looking :)

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