Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Relatable Comics

Every so often there is a comic strip in our local Sunday paper that really speaks to me.
There was one such strip in the Family Circus this past weekend.

Yes, I do this as I'm sure many of you do as well. Much of my reminiscing now is done while going through digital photos on a computer, trying to choose which to have printed (as I've been working on the past week!).

Here is another set of strips I saved from the Crankshaft comic.
Sad, but true, many kids today don't know what a photo album is ,
among oh so many other things. The circus will soon be among such things :(

And here is a little peek at some of the photos I have yet to put into albums:

Lastly, I custom made boxes from chipboard to fit the shelves of our old entertainment center that were designed to store videotapes in. A little math and "paper engineering" skills plus basic supplies are all you need to make them.  If you are interested in seeing them and how I made them, stop back by my blog tomorrow!

Thanks for looking :)

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