Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Persnickety Prints 12x12 Prints Review

I just had to write a review about the prints I recently ordered.
If you are a digital scrapbooker and haven't had your pages printed,
I recommend giving Persnickety Prints a try.

After doing creative team work for several years,
I have dozens (umm, yeah, make that more like a couple hundred!) 
of layouts stored on my hard drive. It was time to have some 
of my favorites printed. Add to that the fact that I was working
on a large photo display project (I'll share that in the future)
that required several 12 x 12 prints, I had to find a place 
that would print large images and at a reasonable price. 

After doing some online research, I came across
Persnickety Prints and am so pleased that I did!

I'm including several photos below to attempt to show
the overall quality experience I had,

First off, the ordering process went well.
I did need to go someplace to access high speed internet 
(no such service available where we live).
to upload my 77 files. Yes, seventy seven for my first order!
I used the online ordering process on a computer. 

There are several options (some fun ones too)
 to edit your images online. I didn't use any of them
since I was uploading digi scrap pages that didn't need edited.
Look across the top of the screen shot to see what they are:

When you have all of your prints chosen, edited, etc
and are placing the order, a box will pop up to let you know
if any of them are not large enough to make quality prints.
I know this first hand as there were a few in my order.
You have the choice to go ahead with the order or fix the files.
By the way, they offer many print size options a well as other 
fun items you can have your images printed on. 
Prices vary according to the product you order.
12" x 12" prints were $1.99 US when I ordered mine.

Everything was pretty easy and worked fine on the high speed internet.

My order was submitted just after 11 PM on a Friday in their time zone.
I received an email the next day stating they received the order
and were processing it. Later that night an additional email
came to let me know that my order was on the way ! 
The following Monday it arrived in the mail via 
USPS Priority Mail. Three days from uploading the digital files
to receiving the prints! Wow ! 
Turnaround time will likely vary due to where you live 
and what you order. 

This is how my order looked when it arrived,
the prints were in perfect condition:


They have a one price shipping feature, $5.99 US.
Since my order was over 14oz, it came Priority mail. 
Be sure to check the website for all information
regarding product and shipping prices. 

When I cut the two pieces of heavy packing tape to open the
package, a few pieces of paper slid out:
printed order form with a handwritten name,
thank you card with the satisfaction guarantee on the back,
advertisement and discount offer.

Flip the package open one more time to see the packaged prints taped
in place with this fun logo printed on the chipboard covering them. 

 The prints were packaged in self adhesive cellophane bags.
I ordered 77 prints, so they were in two packages.

I think they look great, both in color and crispness.
Any issues there may be are on my amateur end.

Not the best image, but I was trying to give you an
idea of how thick the Fujicolor Crystal Archive photo paper is. 
I had prints done elsewhere several years ago and they were very lightweight,
so flimsy that they would crease easily. 

I chose matte finish for my prints; there is a glossy option.
Note: the print looks curled in this photo because I bent it slightly
  to get a better angle/light on it when taking the photo.
The prints were nice and flat. 

The backs were lightly printed with my name and 
the file name of the image.

Bleed area = barely noticeable !
Above is a photo showing the digital file vs a photo 
(NOT good, do not use it to judge the quality of the print)
of the same section of the printed image to show how very little
is lost along the edge in printing a 12"x 12" page at Persnickety.
Some places tell you to leave a certain amount of bleed area 
around your layout to avoid having important portions 
along the edges cut off, lost in the printing process.
This may be true with their process, so follow their guidelines.
I would still recommend that you design your layouts with an area
that could possibly be cut off during printing just to be safe.
Meaning, no journaling or photographs too close to the edge.
I was just showing that I noticed nothing significant
along the edges of my prints cut off on this order.  
They were well centered.

Now to get all of my prints into albums - and prepare a second order ! 


I was not compensated by the company in any way for this review.
I just wanted to share my experience with others that may be 
considering printing their digital scrapbook pages.

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  1. WOW that is amazing! I love the idea of printing them for others to see. Their quality is great


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