Wednesday, July 12, 2017

New Craft Room

First off, let me say that I probably ought to change the name of my blog -
I'm officially an empty nester ! Of course the baby birds are always welcome
to fly back to the nest, but their rooms will not be as they left them ;)

I've been wrestling with the idea of making the second empty bedroom into another craft room of sorts for myself. The first empty bedroom will remain as a guest bedroom. This second empty bedroom was a perfectly good space that would be going to waste, there were no plans to use it for anything else. Well, other than the idea I had to scoot the old entertainment center turned into photographs /scrapbooks storage from the spare bedroom in there. I was also going to move my sewing machine and supplies in plus a small table that was being stored in the basement, unused. The table would have been useful for thumbing through photo albums or working on small sewing projects. So, I did have a little plan for that room................ but that plan soon snowballed !

While working on cleaning the bedroom and preparing for paint, I couldn't help but think about the other craft supplies left in the old, unfinished basement. Could I make room for some (most!) of them to fit in this room? It would, after all, be better to have them up out of the dingy craft dungeon without the threat of being flooded (I've dealt with that too many times over the years!). Plus, there have been numerous times I've needed something from down there while working on a project in the new upper level craft room.

I decided to just do it and have been slowly working on it the past month. Decluttering, deep cleaning, repairing damage to the walls, painting, etc and so on. Then lots of measurements and sketches, tossing around ideas of what to put where. This room doesn't have much wall space since there are three doors and three windows in it, so I utilized the center of the room as I did in the other craft room and craft dungeon.

Numerous plastic storage tubs were bought over the years to keep things in while in that old basement craft dungeon, so I reused them upstairs after giving them all a good wipe with disinfecting cloths. No fancy furniture or cute storage units in my craft rooms. I may hang some pieces on the walls, but after all the time I spent filling in existing holes and gouges, I'm not sure I want to put new holes in them ;)

So, here it is, still a bit of a work in progress............

Standing in the doorway looking in

Back against the photo storage unit (below)

Back against the double windows (above)

Looking towards the entry door

The light in this room is so much better than in the first craft room. Three windows that get better natural light plus a multi light ceiling fan (ahh, yes, a ceiling fan to help keep it cool, too!) in addition to the white walls make for a pretty well lit work space.

I'm using the existing blue roller shades and red curtains with the white walls for the time being. I do like patriotic colors anyway. Besides, the colors coordinate with part of my view :)

What's going on with that one section of the wall in the above photos, you ask ?
It is what is left, the closet doors yet to be painted,
from the custom paint I job I did for my son
nearly 20 years ago. It coordinated with his Rugrats bedding/decor.
I made my own stamps from mouse pads and sponges 
and free hand painted the zig zag line.
Yes, it was difficult to paint over, requiring four coats of primer !

Two coats of primer ! Still showing !

A few closeup photos:

Solid wood kitchen table we no longer used.
It's not the neatest look having all of the storage tubs
stacked around it, but it is the only way I could fit them.
I decided I may as well get as much out of the basement as possible.
No more flood (or critter!) worries and now easily accessible.
Plus, better light (and air) to work with.

You'll notice how the paint tower is leaning
against the storage unit:
that is because the floors are sloping in this old house !
Drop something on the floor, and it rolls away.
My son thought it was neat when he was little
and his toy cars would roll on their own.
I'll put a scrap of wood under one side
as I've done to many other pieces in both craft rooms.

I'll eventually get all of the photos out of the ends 
of the old entertainment center/storage unit and into
photo albums. The plan would to then put the paints in those
boxes I made myself in the ends of the cabinet. One year ! 
I also stacked rolls of wide craft ribbon in the front of the side doors. 

This is the center section where a TV would normally sit.
 I made a simple curtain to hide scrapbooks.

Gotta have a radio for music, a clock and at least a couple of knick knacks
that were no longer being used in another room. 
The row of boxes on top are full of photographs.
Yes, I admit it, I have YEARS (ahem, make that decades)
 worth of photos not put in albums.
I must get them into even simple pocket photo albums......
Now that I have my rooms set up and everything on the same
level of the house, there is no excuse (other than finding time)
to get busy with that massive project. 

Lastly these two shelves hold all sorts of various 
crafty supplies and tools, 
as do the storage tubs that surround the table.

Oh, and the closet ? 
Several boxes of items for gift giving, fabric and
sewing supplies as well as mementos are stored in there. 

Other than my floral
and matting/framing supplies,
nearly all of my crafty hoard is now high and dry,
out of that dank old craft dungeon. 
Yippee !!!!!!    Happy Dance !!!!

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  1. OMG you have been one BUSY lady!!! I can appreciate all the work it took to set all this up...not to mention carrying it up from the craft dungeon!
    YOU GO GIRL! I love it.


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