Saturday, March 3, 2018

Photo Album Project Progress

There haven't been many crafty posts so far this year because I've been busy working on putting 20+ years worth of photos into albums!

I started out making some scrapbook pages and cute journaling cards, but that was taking too much time. I've switched gears to trying to make sure each photo has been scanned and have dates noted on the backs (many still are not....) then putting them into pocket photo albums. I'm leaving index cards as place holders where I want to go back in to add journaling or maybe some fun "scrappy"cards.

Why am I not journaling as I am inserting the photos ? Because I want to add stamped images, etc to the cards before writing on them and that is taking too much time right now. I had a deadline of getting all of the photos into albums then emptying out the storage unit so it could be removed by the end of April. We need the space freed up to make a workstation for my daughter when she moves back home at that time. Slowly but surely I am getting there!

I started this massive project around the beginning of the new year when I learned she would be coming back home. I've made great progress (not counting the lack of journaling), I am now starting work on photos from 2010 ! There are still lots of extra photos to be done (trips, individual albums for pets, etc) in addition to all of the photos through 2017.

Labeling the sides:
I searched and searched for some sort of  easy to use spine label clip for the sides of the scrapbooks.
Close To My Heart sells a set of two narrow clips for just under $5. I ruled those out because it was going to be too expensive and they appeared to be too small.
I found a style I liked and after hunting them down, found out they were discontinued.
I then saw a google image linked to pinterest using mini binder clips and metal rim tags.
The site the original image was linked to is no longer up, but the used with permission image that was the google results/pinterest image is found at

I had some metal rim tags and black polka dot ribbon in stock , so I bought some mini binder clips and made labels on the computer using Photoshop Elements. They were printed out onto card stock then paper punched out with a 1 3/8" circle punch. I attached the punched out labels with heavy duty double stick tape.

I recently spent a day making spine labels for the albums completed so far.
Below are a few.

I don't know how well they will hold up, but after searching and searching for spine clip labels, I decided this was going to be the best option. It's not like the albums will be opened on a regular basis anyway, so they should be fine. If not, they are easy enough to make ;)

The next step is to make and print out labels for the front of the albums (where a photo would go) that list the main events photographed in that particular album. Some albums don't have this front window, so I'll just print a sheet to put inside the front cover.

I also made CDs of the digital images in each album and inserted them in the backs of the albums.
A few I need to make envelopes for to do this, but the Recollections brand Trevor style album has built in pockets (and the photo frame fronts). I really like these albums and will be buying more to have in stock for the future.

Thanks for looking =)

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