Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Patriotic Tin Punched Luminaria

Today's project was created as part of my 
design team duties at 
It's a simple enough "tin punched luminaria"
for outdoor use !

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This project can be as simple or as detailed as you like depending on the design you choose to punch out. They can be left as is or painted. Any size can will work. Use different size nails to make smaller or larger holes. This project is one that older kids might enjoy (with adut supervision of course) doing outdoors this summer !

Choose the size can you want, taking into consideration the punched design you wish to make.  
Remove the label and adhesive, clean well.
You may want to draw the design with a permanent marker before freezing because once you take it out, condensation starts to form so it isn't easy to draw on it . You could also draw a pattern on freezer paper then tape it to the can and punch through it. Just make sure it is taped in place well !  For my sample I simply stuck a damp sponge shape to the frozen can and punched around it.

Fill nearly to the top with water and let freeze solid. If memory serves when I made this type of project many years ago, I read to put sand (?)  in the bottom before filling with water to help keep the bottom from warping due to the expanding freezing water. I didn't and yes, the bottom bulged. I just hammered it back down

Remove from freezer, keep a glove or old rag handy to help hold the can since it is cold and frosty condensation forms. I honestly worked sitting on the porch, holding the can between my feet (while wearing shoes).

Punch all around your design. Beware of ice chips possibly flying ! You may want to wear eye protection just in case of a crazy accident (I did). Chuncks of ice definitely came out of the can as I was working.
Set aside for the ice to melt.

You can leave it as is or paint it 
I wanted to paint mine with patriotic colors, so I used indoor/outdoor acrylic craft paint, a sea sponge and scrap paper for masks.

Once the ice is able to be removed, dry the can well. BE SURE TO KEEP A THICK RAG INSIDE THE CAN SO AS NOT TO BE POKED BY SHARP EDGES WHILE WORKING ! I place a hand inside the can, wrapped with a rag, while I paint to help rotate it.

Tape paper masks as needed to sponge paint over. I chose to use a sea sponge to apply the paint to my can so I needed the masks. You can paint with paint brushes, too. 

 The same star sponge that I punched around was coated with blue paint then stamped in the star punch shape on the can. 

Set aside to dry.
If you wish to use tea light candles, place sand in the bottom to help weigh it down. Never leave burning unattended! A better alternative is to use battery operated tea lights or the mini battery operated string lights. BE CAREFUL PLACING CANDLES/LIGHTS IN THE CAN  - THERE ARE SHARP EDGES AROUND EVERY PUNCHED HOLE!

There are so many possibilities for punched tin cans,
 have fun dreaming up new designs and ways to display them !

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