Thursday, December 6, 2018

Oui Succulent Jar

My daughter was in a wedding not too long ago and kept the spray she carried.

She walked into my craft room with it in her hand the other day, asking me what she could do with it. As I was telling her "Maybe tie a bow on it, hang it on the door" she spied one of my empty Oui yogurt jars.

She picked it up asking "What is this for?" I replied that it actually had buttons in it
(that were scattered on my table at the time) for the time being, but I had other plans for it.

"Why?", I replied.

"Maybe I can cut the succulent and ribbon off of this and put it in the jar. Do you have rocks ? What about sand ?"

Oh,  my crafty heart fluttered to hear her say this !!!

"Why yes I do. Perfect idea !"

We finally made it yesterday. My Mom even showed up as we were finishing and offered a finger to help hold the bows as my daughter hot glued them in place!

She liked the bit of twine and the wooden heart I had on my Gratitude Tree Jar . She decided to leave the wood heart unpainted and stick it down inside the jar rather than hot glue it to the bows as I had done to mine. The other supplies include rocks from our rock garden outside the house, some old sand from my craft supplies and moss from my floral supplies. The succulent and ribbon were from the floral spray she carried as a bridesmaid in the wedding. I enjoyed helping as she needed it while she was being crafty and hope to do it again someday :)


Since she didn't want the remaining greenery,
it is headed for my stash of
floral supplies to be reused one day.

Thanks for looking =)


  1. I love this idea! I bet you are tickled that your daughter crafted with you!

  2. Now that is a perfect idea! And so much fun when it's a mother daughter team!


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