Sunday, September 1, 2019

Buffalo Check Fabric Frame - tutorial

Today I'm sharing this fabric frame I made
as my design team project for
We are a month long anything crafty goes challenge
(so long as it family friendly).
Won't you share what you have created with us ? 

If you'd like to know how I made my project, read on !

thick mat board or chipboard
heavy duty adhesive
heavy duty utility knife

Cut your frame from the mat board/chipboard.
You may need to adhere two layers together
to make it sturdier. You don't want it too lightweight
otherwise it will more than likely flex a bit from the
pulling of the fabric. If you use liquid glues and the
card board is too thin, it could cause it to warp, too.
My project uses an old leftover pre-cut set I bought
oh so long ago, back when padded frames and albums
were a popular craft. Yes, I'm aging myself by admitting that!
Here is a photo of the kit project ideas,
good for a giggle :)

Apply adhesive to the frame front and lay it on top of the batting.
I would normally use a spray adhesive for this step, but my old can
no longer works. Heavy duty double stick tape will work just fine.

Trim the batting out even with the edges.

Lay this on top of your fabric, batting side down.
trim out leaving about an inch of fabric around all edges.
This extra fabric is what will wrap around to the back side
(seen above),
so you need enough to wrap and glue in place.
I use heavy duty double stick tape to adhere the
fabric to the chipboard.

I start by folding the fabric over the four corners
(I did not do that in these photos).
I then go to the middle of one side to glue it in place,
finishing that entire side
before working on the opposite side.
Don't pull it too tight to cause the chipboard to bend!
You may also want to flip it over from time to time
to make sure your fabric isn't puckering and if it has
a design like this plaid, that you like the way it is
lining up along the edges. I'd recommend not using
anything with lines/plaid because it doesn't always work well.
Just takes more time and patience to line it up.

Once all of the sides are done, do the inside opening.

If your frame has a rounded opening, clip curves every 1/2" or so .
Don't get too close to the opening though because you don't
want to see the cuts. The clipping helps in wrapping the fabric
around the curved sections.

After I am happy with how it looks, I will add a piece of card stock
cut to fit then glued in place over all of the fabric edges.
This helps cover any exposed double stick tape as well as making it
easier to slide photos in, not catching on the fabric bits.

Add lace or cording at this point if you wish.
You'll want to "sandwich" it between the front and back.

You can cover the back with fabric, too,
if you wish. It is not necessary to use batting.

Glue along three sides of the frame back piece.
Adhere this over the back of the front piece. 
I use hot melt glue for this step.

Be sure to leave one side open to insert photos in !

Embellish if you'd like and enjoy !

Thanks for looking, have a great day =)

Flood recovery update:
Thank goodness I made all of my design team projects
well in advance this year as I've still not made
anything new since earlier this year due to 
the record setting flood our area saw. 

We are plugging along on getting things back in shape.
Although it was a tough go for us trying to save 
what we could of our home and property,
we know we are lucky. Grateful to everyone that helped
and thankful that the flood wall held so damage 
and losses were far less than they could have been. 
We didn't lose everything like so many people did.

The interior of the house is basically done now, hooray!
The garage, yard and barn still need a lot of work.

Life is back to normal and we are once again healthy 
after becoming so sick during the flood (due to mold). 

I recently got my craft rooms all set back up, 
cleared out of the last of the clutter
I had to store things in them, carried up from 
the main floor of the house to protect them from damage.
Now that I can move around,
find my things and have room to work, 
I hope to start creating some new projects.
I certainly have a long to-do list that I keep adding to! 


  1. Wow, I love this photo frame, ideal for Christmas gifts. Sam (fellow DT member) x

  2. What a beautiful project and it's done to perfection. It must have taken quite some time to put this together, and I'm glad you're also recovering from the flood. Now today countless others are in the path of destruction with hurricane Dorian today. We live in harsh times with bad weather anymore.


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