Sunday, April 5, 2020

Sign Of The Times

Face Masks

After going back and forth as to if I should make
simple fabric face masks,
I decided to go ahead and do it early this week.
How timely since now they say we should wear them....
I had just enough elastic left over from a long ago
project to make 8 of them. I have plenty of
cotton fabric to make more, just no elastic 
and that is hard to come by right now
(like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, etc)

I have been reading for weeks now that they
didn't really work and only sick people should be wearing them.
It always seemed to me that even the well should wear them,
no matter how simple they were, something has to be
better than nothing. 

The original plan was to donate them to a local
organization that was in need,
but as I was making them I thought 
maybe I should keep them for my 
immediate family instead.
The cases are jumping where we live.
There are even cases in the surrounding 
more rural counties, so scary!

I expect the governor to order everyone 
to wear one at some point.
We've been on a state wide
Stay At Home order since Mid March
and most businesses were
ordered closed at the same time. 
Schools were already closed.

Below is a link to the information I used.
I really like the database they set up
so you can find organizations that are
in actual need of fabric face masks
if you want to make and donate some.
This is helpful in getting them to the 
places that can really use them.

The web site below has information about why
we should all be wearing masks and
has a couple of ideas of how to make simple ones,
no sewing required

to the healthcare workers,
first responders
and all of the other essential workers
that are working to keep our country going,
all of us safe.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!


  1. Good idea to make masks. I’d send you my elastic if I had any. Stay safe my friend

  2. Cute fabric! Our governor has suggested all wearing one, but right now the hospitals and nursing homes are still begging for them in our area. Fortunately, I'm not going out around people too much (only for grocery runs), so I'm hoping that will help! I did see where someone cut up an old ace bandage and used that as their elastic. Seems like it might be softer than traditional elastic too...


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