Sunday, May 10, 2020

A Mother's Day Like No Other

Like many others,
our family won't be together for this
Mother's Day
due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic.
There is a continuing
Stay At Home order in our state :( 
Honestly, we probably wouldn't be together
anyway, we don't want to take 
any chances on getting someone sick. 

I'll be home alone for the day.
I'll spend it like I do most days,
working on a crafty project.

I'll call my Mom
(as I do nearly every day)
and see if she wants 
a quick, socially distanced visit. 
Since it is going to be unseasonable chilly today,
I'm going to make home made chicken and dumplings.
I'll take her some for supper
along with a handmade card, of course ;)

Wishing a terrific day to Moms,
in all of the various forms!
Stay safe and well.

Digital image created with items from Eclectic Country Charm by Kimeric Kreations with my own word art.

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  1. Your a good daughter!! Happy Mother’s Day to you too.


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