Thursday, July 30, 2020

Goodbye Kitty Pages

A couple more pages made with papers that I was recently gifted.
As soon as I saw these two, I knew what photo 
I wanted to scrap. 
These are last photos of Kitty after she had a stroke.

Now I have a couple of tips to share :

Glad Press 'N Seal to help hold die cut letters in place!

I haven't been able to figure out how to make the
letters connect into one single die cut
on the old Design N' Cut machine I bought used.
Each letter cuts out individually, which can be
challenging to glue straight onto a scrap page.

I read a tip recently to use Press 'N Seal to hold things
in place on scrapbook layouts. Hmmm, interesting. 
I've never heard this tip, or even of the product. 

Surprisingly, when I went to buy some at a local store,
it was nearly sold out! No joke, there were just 5 boxes
of it left on the shelf. It, like so many other products,
are still hard to find at times in our local stores. 

How I did it:
I cut the word out on the old Design N' Cut machine.
I removed the bits from around the letters while
 still on the cutting mat.

I applied Press N' Seal to the die cut letters
then carefully removed them from the mat.

I flipped that over and applied some 
clear drying liquid adhesive, just barely,
to the backs of the letters.

Flipped the entire piece (Press N' Seal with the letters adhered)
right side up and stuck them to the page.

The Press N' Seal was easy to remove,
leaving the letters in a nice row. 
I've done this on two pages now and it worked well.

Tip 2:
I wanted some flower elements to add to my pages,
so rather than cut up another piece of paper, I decided to
cut them out of my scrap page itself!
Back of page in photo above
The photos on the front cover the cut out area perfectly.   
No one will see the back anyway since it will 
have another page behind it! 

I will cut the centers out of card stock mats for photos, too.
The scraps can come in handy. 

Thanks for looking , have a good day =) 

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  1. I love this page - it's the prettiest so far!!
    The paper really shows up the photos. Great idea with the press and seal... will try it!


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