Sunday, December 9, 2018

Fabric Scrap Ornaments

Fabric scrap ornaments made with an old
craft kit I picked up new in package,  second hand.
It was so old (1993) the needles were rusted to the fabric ! 
Otherwise in good shape so I put it to use =) 

Thanks for looking =)

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Wood and Fabric Ornaments

Four old fabric scrap and woodsies ornament kits
that I finally, after all these years, made !
I really don't know why I never made them before.
I suppose because I moved away from general crafts to
all things paper crafting years ago once I discovered
Stampin' Up!  Plus, at the time I had two little kids.
that kept me busy, not as much time to craft.
I still have quite a little stash of Christmas crafts to make one day.....

The bases of these ornaments are nothing more than
a wood bead, a wood spool and a popsicle stick. 
I didn't think to take a photo of that part
before assembling them. 

Various scraps of fabric, and other embellishments
finish them off.

Thanks for looking =)

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Friday, December 7, 2018

Beaded Felt Ornaments


I hate to admit it, but I have had this ornament kit for several years !
I found it at a yard sale and never took the time to make them.
Apparently the person that originally bought them didn't get around to making them either:
there was a price sticker on it, clearanced out to 50c in 1987!

I finally did make them this year. It's the first time I've done such a stitchery/beading project. They took a lot of patience and time. I'm guessing close to 12 hours total !!!!

As I was working on them, I was thinking to myself it would have been nice to have made them a few years back when I first bought them - and had better eyesight ;) My trifocals do not work for close up work, so I made them without wearing glasses.

I added the ribbon bow and hanger. I think I'm going to make a tiny tag with the year 2018 on it and maybe add a tiny jingle bell, too.  I know I have jingle bells somewhere. Things are a bit difficult to find sometimes since I've moved my crafty space so many times this past year and will be doing so again at years end.

I hope one day my kids will want these ornaments ...........

Anyone else remember the days of price tags, 
before there were bar codes to scan ?
Also, check out the original price of just $1.44 on this kit !

Thanks for looking =) 

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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Wee Succulent Jar

My daughter was in a wedding not too long ago and kept the spray she carried.

She walked into my craft room with it in her hand the other day, asking me what she could do with it. As I was telling her "Maybe tie a bow on it, hang it on the door" she spied one of my empty Oui yogurt jars.

She picked it up asking "What is this for?" I replied that it actually had buttons in it
(that were scattered on my table at the time) for the time being, but I had other plans for it.

"Why?", I replied.

"Maybe I can cut the succulent and ribbon off of this and put it in the jar. Do you have rocks ? What about sand ?"

Oh,  my crafty heart fluttered to hear her say this !!!

"Why yes I do. Perfect idea !"

We finally made it yesterday. My Mom even showed up as we were finishing and offered a finger to help hold the bows as my daughter hot glued them in place!

She liked the bit of twine I had on my Gratitude Tree Jar and the wooden heart. She decided to leave the wood heart unpainted and stick it down inside the jar rather than hot glue it to the bows as I had done to mine. The other supplies include rocks from our rock garden outside the house, some old sand from my craft supplies and moss from my floral supplies. The succulent and ribbon were from the floral spray she carried as a bridesmaid in the wedding. I enjoyed helping as she needed it while she was being crafty and hope to do it again someday :)


Since she didn't want the remaining greenery,
it is headed for my stash of
floral supplies to be reused one day.

Thanks for looking =)

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Gel Air Freshener Jar

Another simple thing to do with empty glass jars 
(the cute little Oui yogurt jars in this sample)
is to make home made gel air fresheners !
I made some years ago for a Christmas bazaar using baby food jars.

This particular jar was hand painted to resemble a peppermint candy since
I used a peppermint scent, perfect for the season.
The glass was painted with acrylic craft paints, the indoor/outdoor glossy type.
It took three coats of the white to cover!

Red and white baker's twine, a snowflake die cut and red button finish it off.

Embellish the jar however you like: 
paint/etch/add die cuts/etc to the outside of the jar. 
I've not done it personally, but you could probably
try to tint the gel if leaving the glass clear. 
Maybe even add small items inside 
before pouring the gel ?

If giving as a gift, you will want to wrap plastic wrap 
around the top of it before gifting.

DIY Gel Air Freshener

-small clean glass jars
-2 cups distilled water
-1 oz. unflavored gelatin such as Knox (4 envelopes)
-2 tablespoons salt (or a splash of vodka) to deter mold growth
-fragrance    NOTE: I didn't include an exact amount 
because depending on the scent you are using, 
you may need to add more or less to your liking

Pour 1/2 cup of the distilled water into a glass mixing bowl, preferably one with a
spout to make it easier on yourself when pouring into the jars. 

Sprinkle the gelatin over the top of the water. Let sit while bringing the remaining 
1 1/2 cups of the distilled water with the salt in a saucepan to boiling.  
Stir until the salt is dissolved. 

Immediately pour the hot water and dissolved salt mix into the bowl with the gelatin.

Stir well until the gelatin is thoroughly dissolved.

Gently add in the fragrance, stirring until well mixed.

Carefully pour the liquid into the clean jars. 

Once they are totally cool, decorate then cover tightly with plastic wrap until your are ready to gift/use them. 

NOTE:  you can decorate the jars ahead of time, but be aware that depending on what you use on them, the warm gel inside may effect the decorations -
or there is the chance of spilling the gel as you are pouring. When I made these types of crafts years ago, I painted mine first. I painted my jars with the indoor/outdoor type paint then "set" the paints in the oven according to the manufacturers instructions. The gel air freshener mix was then added with a pour spout mixing bowl to the cool, painted jars with no problems. 

Thanks for looking =)