Thursday, August 1, 2019

Oui Book Page Bouquet - tutorial

Can you believe it is August,
which means it is back to school time for many.

With that in mind,
I was inspired to create this old book page bouquet
for the current anything crafty goes challenge at
I also repurposed a Oui yogurt jar,
thus the play on the word "wee" in my post title ;)

This is a fairly small arrangement,
just about 6" in height overall.
The roses themselves are about 1" in diameter.

We'd love to see what crafts you've made this month.
Anything goes, so long as it is family friendly.
Post a link to your project at Love To Craft

If you'd like to know more about my project, read on!

The roses are made with pages from an old dictionary.
I should have used thicker book pages
and not so old. They were getting quite brittle.
I managed to make several dozen roses successfully
to create this piece, but it was tricky. 

Using a spiral flower die makes the process
go faster, but you can hand cut simple spirals
with scissors. Simply roll them up then glue them
to a small circle - or cut a circle into the end of your spiral.
You can find oodles of ideas on how to do this online.

To create the faux mercury glass,
you need Looking Glass paint.
It must be sprayed on the inside of the glass container.
Once again, look online for how-to's.
You can simply layer the thin paint and
spritz it with vinegar water solution.
I've done projects this way, but I've also 
added a bit more worn effects details using paint.
I dabbed teeny bits of black glossy paint
as well as a clear varnish inside the jar using
a piece of sea sponge. I then spray painted
light layers of the Looking Glass paint over it.

I didn't have any large head corsage pins 
and there is no place local to buy them.
Rather than ordering some online,
 I decided to try to paint the heads of plastic
straight pins used for sewing. It worked well!
I simply dipped the heads into gold acrylic craft paint
then poked the pins into styrofoam to stay upright while drying.

I stitched a long running stitch along the edge of 
a scrap piece of lace then gathered it to create the ruffle.
It was hot glued into place on the top edge of the jar.

The styrofoam ball is hot glued in place on top of that.
I say hot glue, but I was actually using a low temp melt glue.

Pin or glue the flowers in place on the styrofoam ball.
I used pins only so they could be re-positioned if needed.

The finished size is approximately 6"tall

A closeup of the faux mercury glass jar

Wee book page roses with painted pin head centers.
I also added small squares of tulle pinned in place
scattered among the flowers. 

The rose on the left is made with one die cut spiral.
The rose on the right is made with two spirals.
I used just the single spiral size rose on this project.

That's about all there is to share regarding how I made this project.
It really isn't difficult, just time consuming. 
Aren't most crafts labors of love and time, though ? 

Thanks for looking =)
Have a great day !

This project and post were written much earlier in the year,
well before our area experienced historic flooding.
 We are recovering, slowly but surely getting back to normal.
I still am not crafting anything, no time or desire.
This will be the last post from me again for a while !

Monday, July 1, 2019

Anni and Andi Spool Doll Decor

July 1st.
The year is half over already, wow. 
It's also time for our new
 monthly anything goes craft challenge at
Won't you share what family friendly craft 
you've made this month with us ? 

This month I am sharing a set of "dolls" I made with
a long ago purchased wooden kit.
I actually bought several kits and the coordinating patterns,
but never got around to making them. Shame on me. 
The kits are just the wooden pieces to create the dolls body
then the maker adds their own fabrics, etc.

I actually made the dolls in late winter (notice the bare trees),
trying to get all of my design team projects 
done well ahead of time, not knowing what the year would bring.
Good thing I did since we have been dealing with major flooding,
on top of too many other bad things, since March ! 
Also, I have been quite sick since about mid June. 
Living with a basement full of river water (treated with pool chemicals)
and stinky, moldy air/items all around outside is not good for the lungs :(
 I am still not crafting anything at all.
No room to work, no time, no energy, just no desire 
right now to make anything.
I just want to get the house (and yard, road, etc) back to normal. 
It's going to take time..............
Currently the water is stagnant, not falling at all.
A stinky pond out front still, blech. 
I shouldn't complain, we are lucky compared 
to many other people who lost everything. 

Moving on to a few details about my project:

The little wooden parts from the kit,
all wired together to form the bodies. 

The kits call for Rag Mop Ringlets Cotton Hair,
of course none of which is to be found now since the
kits are sooooo old. At first I tore and knotted lots of tiny
bows from red cotton fabric. While I was making those,
I was thinking about maybe sewing strips of red felt
into loops somehow then I remembered I had red fleece 
leftover from snowman crafts. I thought I'd cut thins strips of that,
then loop it and low temp hot glue it in place on the heads. 
A happy accident as I was
cutting the fleece into strips, I noticed it was kind of twisting
in parts of the strips (I'd guess about 1/4" wide, definitely no wider)
Hmmmmm....... a little tug and it indeed twisted on itself, curling ! 
No, I don't know if there is a particular type of fleece this will 
only work with or what direction exactly to cut it.
My fleece was actually a cheap $5 red fleece blanket.

The little strips of fleece I curled then glued on top
of the heads didn't turn out too badly !

Yes, those are teeny pieces of fabric cut and 
fused to the wooden shapes that I painted!
I was following the kit instructions ;)
It was tricky working with such wee pieces
and probably more time consuming than had 
I simply painted the shapes. 
It looks better with the matching fabric pieces.
The faces were preprinted black.
I painted the heart shapes red
and added blush to their cheeks,
but it doesn't show in the photos.

The clothes are made with torn pieces of cotton fabrics.

Thanks for looking =) 

Happy Fourth of July ! 

This will be the final post for a while

since I'm still dealing with the flood
and my craft rooms are a wreck,
filled with stored items.
I honestly don't have any desire 
or energy to make anything.....

Monday, June 17, 2019

Bright Brushos and Die Cut Rose Card

NOTE: This is a project completed earlier in the year, but I waited until to now to share.
I'm still dealing with major flooding and unable to get crafty. 

Playing with the new to me Brusho "paints" to make this simple card.
It also uses a new to me die cut, both bought from Stampin' Up! when I signed up to become a demonstrator earlier this year. Then the floods hit.............

I painted the background first then glued the die cut to the dry card stock.

The sentiment is an oldie from Stampin' Up ! I've had for years. It was heat embossed black onto vellum paper and hand cut into a banner.

Thanks for looking , have a great day !

Flooding update:
The current view out of my bedroom window this morning is below. There is still too much water
to drive out, at minimum 2 feet of water over the road where the driveway (still under water, too) meets it. It gets deeper in parts.The main road I would normally use to drive to town on is under more water and will require massive cleanup after it finally recedes. I don't know how long it will be before I can drive on it again.......... more rain in the forecast for the next 7 days, but they don't think it will cause a rise in the river levels, only slow the fall.

Can you believe all of the now exposed ground and driveway were under 2+ feet of water ? 
There is still easily 7 feet of water directly in front of the house! 

Monday, June 3, 2019

Historic Flooding

We've been dealing with flooding since March here.
This is by far the worst we have ever seen.

The ongoing flood coupled with the head on collision my daughter had
due to a drunk driving a black car in the dark 
with no headlights on a divided highway in mid April,
 I've not had much time to craft or relax. 

We've been trying to elevate possessions as much as possible in the house and garage (because there is no way possible to move things elsewhere, our house is surrounded by water) , but with more rain on the way, I'm afraid it isn't going to be enough.       

  I am so sick......................

View from my front porch, there is currently one foot of water along the flood wall with two more feet expected. The basement is flooded. The steel outbuilding in the photo as well as the old barn out of view both have 3 1/2 feet of water in them already. The garage will flood, too.

There will be no posts from me for a while
and I have to step down from design team duties.
I did have projects made and blog posts set up for
the Love To Craft Challenge for the remainder of the year,
so you will see those the first of every month.
I just won't be commenting and voting for some time.
I'll also "retire" from being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator.
I will have no time or energy to devote to it,
not to mention my craft room is in disarray.

I'm not sure how much longer I will stay at home. 
I will need to relocate at some point.
We would like to maybe have a trailer brought in
once the water recedes so we can stay on the property
 to work on it and to keep an eye out for looters ! 
It looks to be a long flood. 
Definitely a long process to get back to normal
once the river recedes for good. 
Until then, I doubt I make much of anything.

Not being able to be crafty is going to drive me nuts,
on top of everything else !
Oh, the stress and uncertainty - and STENCH ! 

Thanks for all of your nice comments 
and for following my crafty adventures.

Take care.


UPDATE 6/10/2019

Photo is a still shot from a 360 drone video shared publicly on facebook. 
I hope the link above to it works, it is jaw dropping.  

The river crested here two days ago,
shattering the all time record for 2nd highest flood.
We've been in flood since March actually,
with the last crest in early May tying for 
the old second place record!

This crest was 3 feet less than the Great Flood of 1993.

It has fallen just 4".
It'll be a long, slow process and more rain is on the way
again this week, prolonging it.

We managed to keep the main level of the house dry, hooray!
Levees broke, causing the crest to fall by a foot.
This was good news to us (of course not to all
of those behind the levees that lost so much, so sad)
because we knew our flood wall should keep the water
back at that depth. It did spring leaks here and there.
We have three pumps running nonstop to keep the water
from filling in behind the wall too much. 

The photo below shows Hyla cat helping me check on them.
We have to do this regularly, day and night, to make sure the
pumps stay ahead of the leaking water. 

Here is a photo of the basement full of water -
stinky! We did put some pool chemicals in it
to try to help with the smell. Blech!!!

This is the wall I painted going to the basement.
It has the measurements of the kids heights 
as they were growing up. It's little things like this
that would have hurt the most to have lost
to the flood water. 

View out of my kitchen door.

View out of the office door.
There is 8" of water in the garage to my right.
The main level of the house sits at a slightly higher elevation,
so it is still dry. The flood wall we built helps with that.
There is one foot af water along the front of the flood wall.

The red building out front has 3 1/2 feet of water in it.

Sitting in the middle of the road here,
there is 6 feet of water under the boat.
It gets as deep as 9 feet in places!
You can see the top to a metal car port
just to the right in the photo. 

What really gripes us, 
the "experts" called the Flood of '93 a
500 year flood. 
We bought this place in '99,
confident we'd never see such major flooding.
Ha !  That sure was a quick 500 years !
Or as someone joked,
this is a 499 year flood. 

Going to get supplies by boat
out to where a car is parked on high ground
is quite an adventure :)   It's a tiny boat. 
Those are two small plastic shopping bags
on the front seat and two large rubber black boots
at the bottom of the frame. 
Those might give you a size reference.

Shopping trips are limited to the necessities,
no stocking up on things if they are on sale,
because space is really limited right now.

This is the current situation in the kitchen,
a bit tricky to cook. We had to empty all of the
lower cabinets and pantry in case the water made it
on the main level. The upper shelves that were emptied
were then filled with the china from the china cabinet
and other small kitchen electrics, etc. that were 
stored in lower cabinets. Dry goods are in bags,
ready to go at a moments notice if need be.
Refrigerated and frozen foods would be lost 
if the worst happened, with no place to take them.
The appliances also would have to be sacrificed
as well as a couple of other large items that could not be moved or elevated. 
There is no place to take them to be stored 
with the trailer being full and the garage full of water.

People don't realize that we become an island,
there is no way in or out except by boat so 
even cars can't be moved elsewhere if the water gets too high.
Outside they sit, under trees on the hill.

What's really scary (and I try not to dwell on it)
is that there is no way to get emergency services 
here in a timely manner. Everything has to be boated in or out.
There are also no working telephones.
Cell service is hit and miss and when we do get
a signal, it is only one bar strength and is always dropped. 
Forget mail, trash, etc - nothing like that gets in.
No hot water for bathing, etc.
No A/C.
We have a generator for basic power needs
if the main goes out. Right now, the water level
is being maintained jut below the box so we still have service.
So, it is kind of like camping in a way! 
An experience for sure.

That is what it has been like here
and will continue for some time.
5 out of the next 7 days are to be rainy,
so that isn't going to help much. 
Then there is the cleanup to follow. 

This will be my final post for a while I imagine.......
I thank you once again for following my crafty adventures,
hoping I may have inspired you a bit along the way.
I wish you well !